Make your own Canada Day Ice Cream Sandwiches

As much as I would love to be the mother that makes ice cream from scratch, I’ve accepted that I will never be that mother. That doesn’t mean I don’t cook or bake, it’s quite the opposite. I live in the kitchen. What I have become is very proficient when it comes to cooking meals and food planning. So thanks to the encouragement of some wonderful friends in blogging, I think I am going to share some food, desserts and…

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Giveaways life (with kids)

The Ring Pro Review and Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Best Buy plus a Giveaway! #BestDadBestBuy

If you could get your Dad anything from Best Buy for Father’s Day what would it be? A new gas BBQ? The latest Phone? A wall mounted digital tablet bathroom stand? No really. It exists.  Don’t pretend like you haven’t brought your phone or tablet into the bathroom. I personally suggested a fridge as per my Mother’s Day wish list and my husband looked at me like “Right Alex. And I want an expensive pair of designer name rain boots…

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The “You’re Officially an Adult” Mother’s Day Gift Guide & a RYOBI Giveaway!

I joke on Twitter a lot that I’ve reached the age where I get more excited about practical gifts and gift cards for groceries than I do about getting flowers and chocolate. Unless the chocolate comes with a bottle of wine. So when every year the Mother’s Day Gift Guides come out, I think some suggestions are nice but secretly I think most Mom’s would probably be happy with a house cleaning service, kids that don’t scream at other all…

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DIY Cards for Mother’s Day (or any occasion really…)

You know what’s coming up in under 2 weeks? The day that celebrates all the great women in our lives – moms, aunts, sisters, grandmothers and great grandmothers. To all the women who step up and step in when you needed them, whether or not they gave birth to you, adopted you or just were there for you when you needed them growing up. So the very least you can do is tell them how much you care about them.…

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Single Bowl vs Double Bowl Sink – The great debate

I asked one little innocent question on my Instagram one day. And that was for people to give me their honest feedback about their kitchen sinks. Did they have a double bowl sink or a single bowl sink? Did they love it or hate it? Pros and Cons? Well did people ever answer. If you ever want engagement on your Instagram photos, go ask people’s opinions on sinks or appliances. Like the unicorns that are counter depth single door refrigerators.…

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life (with kids)

The Cut & new Sears Label Essentials will make you look twice

Our younger daughter loves to remind me how much black clothing I wear. And I swear I honestly have been trying to consciously get out of my comfort zone and wear other shades. Ok “colours”. In which case Sears Canada who I am partnered with recently launched a new off price division called The Cut as well new Sears-label essentials and invited us to come take a look at their new collection. The Cut offers stunning designer home décor and fashion…

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home decor

What it’s really like having a Butcher Block counter top

Lean in really close. I swore I wouldn’t put butcher block in a kitchen again. No really, here’s a whole Twitter conversation I had about this. After our previous kitchen renovation where we had butcher block, I was like nope. I can’t do this again. Then some time passed. And I realized that a great deal of why I didn’t want a butcher block counter top again had to do with several key issues with the previous one we had,…

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DIY Easter Cards

I woke up this morning and was like “Right. Easter. This weekend. Didn’t send out cards.” I asked the kids if they wanted to make something when they woke up and they said “Mom we have school.” Noted. I could have bought cards but there’s a voice in my head that just does not let me do that, which for the record drives me insane. Case in point here are the Easter Cards from previous years: Fabric Easter Cards Modern…

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