10 Travel Uses for Favor Tins

10 Travel Uses for Favor Tins

This month like many of you, I have gone on an organizing bender. Trust me when I say this is new territory for me. My version of organized is the chaotic messy version of organized that would probably push some die hard organizing bloggers over the edge. For example I once had an former colleague and now old friend named Frank, whose desk at work was reminiscent of what my living room would look like after the presents were opened up on Christmas morning. And yet he could find you anything you need in that pile on his desk within seconds.
That’s me too.
But as I’ve gotten older, my way of living with this organized chaos has slowly started to drive me nuts. And this is the year it stops. Because it was alright when it was just me and my husband. But our kids tend to take things without asking and move things around and suddenly the item that I knew was there, is not. And then panic ensues.

Consumer Crafts had generously sent the contributors at A Nest for All Seasons a really great pack of organizational and craft supplies. With this we were each challenged to come up with a way to use them and start getting ourselves organized.

And I kept staring at the wedding favor tins which I have seen made into great spice racks, holding small crafts supplies and other hardware. But then what happened was I thought of a use for it outside of the home one day when I went to the gym.

So I decided to come up with 10 different travel (portable) ways to use the favour tins.

10 travel (portable) uses for wedding favor tins - northstory

This doesn’t necessarily mean airplane travel. For example…

#1 – Earphones and other media cables

This post all started because I was so tired of my headphones tangling up in my gym bag. Then one day I put them into the tin and problem solved. Now this goes with me to Goodlife. Also works great for USB cables.

Favor Tins Uses - Headphones - northstory


# 2 – Spare Change

“Hey Mom, do you have a loonie for Girl Scouts tonight?” “Hey Mom, it’s pizza day today, sorry I forgot to tell you.” This stays in the car and gets refilled with about $5 worth of miscellaneous coins for fun moments like forgetting Girl Scout and Pizza Day money, five minutes before they’re due.

Favor Tins Uses - Spare Change - northstory

#3 – Mints

We buy a lot of things in bulk from Costco and I am always searching for containers to keep them in. I re-fill this as needed and it comes along with me and I leave one in the car.

Favor Tins Uses - Mints - northstory

#4 – Lotion

What else do I buy in giant sizes? Bottles of hand lotion. I can transfer some in here rather than take the giant container with me.

Favor Tins Uses - Lotion - northstory

#5 – Portion Sized Snacks

Now this may depend on how big your hand size is but for me, this about the equivalent of a portion of almonds. Which on the go, is very useful.

Favor Tins Uses - Snacks - northstory

#6 – Protein Powder

My husband drinks a lot of protein shakes post work out or as a meal supplement. This is a good scoop size worth of protein powder for a shake. So you can mix it anywhere should you buy a drink, if you don’t feel like or can’t take a giant sports bottle with you to mix it in.

Favor Tins Uses - Powder - northstory

#7 – Vitamins

If you’re not partial to carrying around your vitamins in the Monday to Friday containers you get at the drugstore, get your daily stash and put them in here instead. It’s also a tad more discreet.

Favor Tins Uses - Vitamins - northstory

# 8 – Media Cards

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly trying to sort out how to carry these little things. This was way better than my previous incarnation of putting them in my wallet or a giant camera bag which I do not always carry around with me when I take out my camera.

Favor Tins Uses - Media cards - northstory

#9 – Emergency Sewing Kit

Ladies and Gentlemen, you may or may not know all too well what happens when you’re far away from home for a night out and something rips at the seam. A small thing like this even just stored in your car or bag will make all the difference in the world.

Favor Tins Uses -Sewing Kit - northstory

# 10 – Jewelry

And speaking of nights out, say you’re at the office and have an event to go to that evening, this makes an excellent case for any additional small jewelry you may want to change into.

Favor Tins Uses - Jewlery - northstory

10 Travel Uses for Favor Tins - northstory

The possibilities for these seem endless and there were also some more goodies that Consumer Crafts sent over to help us get organized.

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