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  1. Stephen Hughes
    Stephen Hughes at · Reply

    Speakless again! – But hold on, isn’t that Jack Bauer’s Ford F150?

  2. Sue Schlabach 129twigandvine
    Sue Schlabach 129twigandvine at · Reply

    Oh to wrap a whole room in a couch. You are practically a Sultan. Love the transformation story and your ownership of that catalogue page. It is now YOURS.

  3. runtspickins
    runtspickins at · Reply

    I love the couch and it looks great in your living room! I love your floors too. Sighhhh, one day we will get our floors done too.

  4. ngnrdgrl
    ngnrdgrl at · Reply

    I so want a sectional. We have the same problem. Guests come over and we have no place for everyone to sit. It looks really nice in your space. Love your floors too!

  5. Stacey
    Stacey at · Reply

    It’s perfect! What a nice fit and the color was a great choice. I’m assuming by the last picture that the girls also approve of this beauty! Looks like they’re having a blast. Love the little feet sticking out from under the “tent”. WHAT FUN!

    A great choice for an active family. I think Ikea has some really great designs for modern families and you really can’t beat the prices. I think it’s super smart to NOT spend an arm and a leg on furniture when your kids are young. But it doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. VERY STYLISH, ALEX! Love it.

  6. Jennifer
    Jennifer at · Reply

    I love the way that your living room is coming together and that couch fits perfectly! Here is sunny San Diego people will stay in if it so much as drizzles (which you would probably call a light mist); it’s ridiculous! Your spaces always have a touch of whimsy—I love it!

  7. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes
    Victoria Elizabeth Barnes at · Reply

    Somehow? That sofa is twice as big as your other one, but makes the room look larger. I’m not sure how that’s possible… I guess because it fits the shape of the room? The dark color? Magic?

    I bought the Restoration Hardware, English roll-arm for our living room… in white (because I am insane?). A mistake I don’t intend to make again… We’ll be shopping for another sofa for the sitting area attached to the kitchen, assuming it ever gets finished, and I REALLY like this. Maybe it’s time to bring a little Ikea my way… pg 28 looks pretty good!!

  8. Lauren @ The Thinking Closet
    Lauren @ The Thinking Closet at · Reply

    Alex, can I just say that I love how your posts read like a story more than an update or tutorial.

    And the couch looks GREAT in your space. I really like the dark gray covers you chose and the fact that they’re so durable and washable. Duly noted for future reference when we have kiddos of our own one day…and coincidentally, our wine intake increases.

    And I chuckled at the section about getting “caught” by your hubby and BIL and being punished with a task. I’m amazed sometimes at how I’m not very different from the girl I was at age 7…trying to avoid chores at all costs!

    Oh, and I was strangely entertained by the fact that when my mouse hovered over a photo, it got a smidgen lighter. And I couldn’t decide which I liked better: the darker photo or lighter one, so I kept going back and forth, back and forth. Sigh. It’s the little things. 🙂

  9. the home tome
    the home tome at · Reply

    Three cheers for page 28! Love the fabric choice and the sheer acreage of this couch. The saturday morning scene put a huge smile on my face.

    We also have an IKEA couch (can’t remember the name) – it is white and we are so glad all the slipcovers can be washed 🙂 I suppose with a kiddie in the house now we’ll be doubly happy about this… 🙂

  10. ScrapAndSalvage
    ScrapAndSalvage at · Reply

    there’s a flurry of couch posts this week! i need to get in on that 😉 great couch for your space! looks like in can accommodate your family much better than the old and really gives definition to the space. well done! and i love the typewriter! 😀

  11. Danielle from Storypiece
    Danielle from Storypiece at · Reply

    Alex, this is GORGEOUS! I’m so excited for you guys… it’s awesome to have the perfect piece in one of the spaces you use the most. And it looks amazing in the room! I agree with Victoria… even though it’s larger than your old sofa, it somehow makes the room look bigger. And the color is beautiful, especially against the wood floors. We went with the color that would hide the most dog hair. I even rubbed the fabric swatches on our dogs to make sure we picked well. True story. Needless to say, I’m completely jealous of the dark color. I love the chaise too. You got the arms AND the chaise… the best of both worlds.

    Your snow pics crack me up and your girls are just too cute.

  12. Autumn@fallfordesign.com
    Autumn@fallfordesign.com at · Reply

    This looks great! What a difference! We need something similar in our living room. Our couches are oddly placed because I don’t have a couch that is an L shaped.

  13. hannahchristiane
    hannahchristiane at · Reply

    I’ve nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award! Congratulations and thank you for inspiring me=)


  14. Gilit
    Gilit at · Reply

    I love it! It looks beautiful in your cozy and chic living room! Plus, there’s no getting away from Ikea. When it’s the answer, it’s the answer. Embrace it 🙂

  15. Tia
    Tia at · Reply

    Much better! I love the colour you went with 🙂 By the way, I nominated you for a Liebster award today: http://moorofeverything.com/liebster-award

  16. Time With Thea
    Time With Thea at · Reply

    The new sectional looks really awesome. As I read you post however, i know that you have just gone through yet another winter storm. Your area is really getting hit with some pretty intense weather. Hope everyone is managing. At least you have a nice new cozy sofa to cuddle up on while it is storming outside. ~Thea

  17. Michelle Egide
    Michelle Egide at · Reply

    I just found your blog and I love the sectional! Really looks great in the space. We don’t have kids so I have to worry more about ‘cat-proof’ and will we be able to get cat puke out of it lol! Now where did you get those awesome cushions? I so want them! Even though I’ve lived in the US almost 12 years, still a canadian gal at heart!

  18. Krista
    Krista at · Reply

    I absolutely love that I cam across this. I have been reading younghouselove for a while now and they inspired me to look at getting a sectional for my living room. Not wanting to be a copycat I looked around for ages but living in Labrador (yeah, lets not talk about how much fun shipping the Karlstad here is going to be) my options were pretty limited. I bought something on sale at the local Leon’s and I have been regretting it ever since.

    I am so glad to hear that you were having a struggle accepting the Karlstad at first too but pulled the trigger and loved it. I still haven’t ordered it… I need to wait until spring so that the 6 ft of snow is clear of the door that it all needs to come in through… but I am feeling much better about it now tha tI have read a second raving review!

  19. now at home mom
    now at home mom at · Reply

    Alex, love this post, I loved reading it; after reading your post, I feel like I’ve been in your living room! ha!ha! page 28; love page 28 it looks great and so does your living room with your new sectional. A typewriter wouldn’t last 2 minutes in our house with my 21 month old; no matter how many times I would ask him not to touch it! You are tall 5’11 wow 🙂 lucky girl (I’m short and hubby is tall) ha!ha! (I’m looking at the legs of your sectional and I don’t mind them at all but maybe consider a soft rug in case you move it around, we have new hardwood floors and like you I don’t know what type of rug to choose to not ruin them!) if you find one that is great for family with kids please let me know, we are looking for one!) 🙂

  20. now at home mom
    now at home mom at · Reply

    ha!ha! 🙂 like the rug on page 28. If you really want the Costco rug, you should get it right away because it’s true, you might never find it again, last Christmas we got a snow globe from there, we wanted to buy more for gifts but when we went back; they had none. As for the rug, if it’s very soft, I suggest you get it then! I would love one with bold colors but when it comes to rugs; I feel as if I always make the wrong choices!

  21. cheryll
    cheryll at · Reply

    Lord have MERCY this post made me laugh! Your living room is delightful, page 28 look-alike or not. We, er, _I_ went on an anti-IKEA phase about two-three years ago. Just like you, we looked at all the alternative including a store here that has an IMAX movie theater, possibly even an amusement park, and not only was I appalled at the prices, but the quality was no better than IKEA. And the styles were overwrought and fussy… ugh. Eventually, I made peace with IKEA. I don’t mind paying more for better quality, but I get a little pissy when someone wants to charge me an extra 1k for MDF furniture put together with nails.

    BTW, I haven’t read through all the comments, but in terms of rugs, have you considered FLOR carpet tiles? We’ve used them for the past seven years and are pretty happy with them. They clean up pretty well (depending on they style you select, some are more “kid friendly” than others), and if it gets too bad, you can just replace a tile here and there.

  22. Allison
    Allison at · Reply

    Where did you get the hanging window lights? Are they also IKEA? How did you secure them? I found you Google searching the Karlstad, as we just purchased ours in the same color/layout and LOVE IT!

  23. Lucy
    Lucy at · Reply

    Just stumbled across your blog while looking for honest reviews of the karlstad. Um, THANK YOU! You’ve totally sold me and by the way, your living room is just lovely and your “temporary” Lack table is accessorized so nicely you would never know it only cost ten bucks. So great! Thank you!

  24. Nancy Hewitt
    Nancy Hewitt at · Reply

    Can you believe that the Karlstad has been out of stock for two months?! Just as I was redecorating my house from coastal to modern, they had to up and have a problem with the manufacturer! I’m being patient and have been told they will be back in stock at the end of August or beginning of September. I’m totally kvetching that they’ll discontinue it. So, my remodel is “on hold” until I can get the sofa and “build” around it. Alex, the IKEA catalog says the longest length of the 2+3/3+2 Karlstad (just the corner sofa without the chaise) is 111″ long. Can you do me a favor and measure just the longest portion of your Karlstad WITHOUT the chaise and tell me if that’s true? For some reason, 111″ sure sounds bigger than it actually looks in the picture.

  25. Sarah
    Sarah at · Reply

    Hi! Did your karlstad smell for a week or two?? I just got a karlstad – was super exited – then the next day I was so bummed because it stunk up my entire apartment! I’ve been ventilating like crazy! Lemme know if you had the same problem? 🙂

  26. dmartinelli2006Danielle
    dmartinelli2006Danielle at · Reply

    Do you feel like you could have finagled all of the pieces into one truck or did you definitely need to have z2? Thanks!

  27. Cynthia
    Cynthia at · Reply

    Hey! I love this post and your blog! We are in the midst of sectional shopping and we are considering the Karl as well, in the same configuration you have chosen. Our only issue is our room size. Our living room / dining room is 21′ 9″ x 10′ 4″. However from the pics it looks like your room is a similar size, can you please confirm your room size.

    Many thanks!

  28. Markus Ossi
    Markus Ossi at · Reply

    Just wanted to say thanks for the review. We have been thinking about gettingthe Karlstad, too. Now of they only had washable fabrics available here in Finland, too.

  29. ashley
    ashley at · Reply

    Great review! And I’m more excited you’re tall. Because so am I. Its the reason I’ve waited to buy Karl for about 2 yrs. When i see him in the showroom he looks so short. Then I wonder if its the super tall showroom that makes him look smaller? Is it deep enough for you to feel supported when you sit down? And is the back high enough? Ive sat on them in the store but it can be so different for every day use. Karl is the only MCM type sofa I can afford right now. They’re so pricey! Oh and are the cushions getting saggy? I’m sorry there’s so many questions. I don’t know anyone who has one. And in the scheme of couches theyre cheap, but it’s still a lot of cash. Thank you:)!!

  30. angie
    angie at · Reply

    after all this time, hows it holding up?? are the back cushions removable and are they supportive? do they drive you bonkers adjusting and fluffing???

  31. Tarek
    Tarek at · Reply

    Hello, nice post and lovely home. I was wondering how sturdy you’ve been finding the Karlstad now after nearly a year of usage? We’ve decided to get the Karlstad from IKEA in Dubai, where we live, but were wondering about how durable it is. Especially the corner of the sectional, which we thought has too few leg supports? Not sure yet between a sectional or a 3 and 2 seater.

  32. Myro
    Myro at · Reply

    Hi, I have a question: if I get a same size sofa what size coffe table should I get to fit nicely?

  33. Anna
    Anna at · Reply

    Hi! Love your blog. I had to move and leave my perfect red sectional, which happened to appear to be identical to your old tan one. My new new space is tiny. I was wondering if you know the brand of the tan sectional? I want it back so much! Stay warm!

  34. Nicoleta
    Nicoleta at · Reply

    The room looks wonderful and the sectional is well matched. Lovely

  35. After the Pulpit
    After the Pulpit at · Reply

    The IKEA catalogue in the crate! 😉 LOL, we’ve vowed to stop going to IKEA as well because just about everything we have comes from there. That said, we do like their fresh, clean-lined style to say nothing of the price. I stumbled on your blog because we looked at the Karlstad this afternoon and debating which configuration/colour works best in our condo. Thanks!

  36. Enrico Guy
    Enrico Guy at · Reply

    Hi Alex, I came across your review while looking for info on the Karlstad. My wife and I have been looking for something to replace our decade old leather couch in our TV room.

    We are looking something in fabric that will last over a reasonable amount of time without breaking the bank. Like you and your hubby we also love to lounge, but with our current setup we’re pretty much on top of each other (i’m 6′ and she’s 5’4)

    Interestingly enough, we have brazilian cherry wood floors that look virtually the same as yours.

    Oh and from now until May 5th Ikea has a BOGO 50% off Promo. So if this couch fits the bill, we’ll be looking for someone to go in on this with us in the next week or so.

  37. Moe a.k.a.@biggirlblue
    Moe a.k.a.@biggirlblue at · Reply

    I feel like we have the same list of house to-do/to-get. I thought we were the only ones who drove to Ikea in bad weather (ours is two hours away, three if we want to go to the bigger one). The couch looks like it was made for the room and definitely makes it more inviting. We bought an Ikea couch and chair eight years ago and our old sofa bed went into the basement (paneling which we painted for a temp fix and red shag carpet original to house btw). The couch and chair are both huge, can’t remember what their name was, and I’ve been feeling claustrophobic in the living room lately. Slowly working on the husband. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing your transformation — it’s amazing what a simple change can make.

  38. casacaudill (@bcaudill)
    casacaudill (@bcaudill) at · Reply

    I like the look of this sectional, but I’m really afraid of how spindly the legs look. I’m a plopper.

  39. GayLynn
    GayLynn at · Reply

    Love your ceiling fan! Where did you purchase it if I may ask? I think this couch will fit perfectly in my little condo,I need to take a trip there this weekend!

  40. Krystle
    Krystle at · Reply

    Just an update: I was recently looking into purchasing the corner sectional but it had been “out of stock” for months at the stores within 6+ hours of my house. I emailed and got the response that their producers have discontinued manufacturing the corner sofa version. I’m not sure about the status the whole karlstad line because it is still in catalogs? Something to bear in mind if you go to your store and it’s not available.

    1. Alex
      Alex at · Reply

      Thank you for letting me know Krystle. I am currently looking into this issue as we wanted a replacement cover for ours due to some of the fabric fading because of the constant exposure to sunlight. Needless to say I am not impressed right now because it appears to be out of stock already.

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  42. elh073
    elh073 at · Reply

    Love the review. We are looking at this couch too. Can you tell me the back height? The actual height with the cushions? IKEA says 31.5 inches, but I’m not sure if that includes the added cushion height. Thanks a million!!

  43. Willie
    Willie at · Reply

    Hi there. How’s the sofa holding up 2+ years later? It looks like it’s in stock at my local Ikea and just what I have been looking for, just wanted to see if you were still a fan.

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