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  1. Echoes of Laughter
    Echoes of Laughter at · Reply

    Wow Alex! I though they were a graphic that you designed, but they are a craft! Brilliant! Both my daughter and I are August babies, and when she was in elementary school, I usually hosted her party about 2 weeks after school started because it was so hard to nail people for a date in August…so I know how you feel. Then as they get older, it gets even more complicated because August becomes sports camps month and later in the month, it becomes sports tryout time. Oh the joys of hosting a summer party. Then my son has a birthday in February, so we could never do anything outside because it was too cold….except for skating. But when you play hockey all week, skating is not special. Ha!

  2. Shauna Oberg
    Shauna Oberg at · Reply

    So smart to make these with the magnet- good reminder! I remember my mom sending my brother’s invitations to school in a big envelope for the teacher to hand out (I guess she didn’t trust him to do it). We got everything ready for his party and waited…waited some more… until finally my mom started calling around and found out no one got the invitations. Luckily a few kids were in town and their moms brought them over. Could’ve been the worst birthday ever!

  3. Jo-Anna@APrettyLife
    Jo-Anna@APrettyLife at · Reply

    These are so great Alex! We hosted a camping themed birthday for my daughter a few years ago and it was a blast! These invites would have been perfect!

  4. Kristen S
    Kristen S at · Reply

    I love the use of the juice lids! So creative. I kinda want to go to the birthday party now

  5. Tara
    Tara at · Reply

    Alex – these are gorgeous! I have an August birthday and I know all too well about having poorly-attended birthday parties. But at the same time, the summer means late nights and warm weather – so I’ll still take it.

    Pinned (of course)!

  6. Christine
    Christine at · Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Such a great party idea too!!! I may just ask Gabrielle if she would like a Camping themed birthday too!

  7. jenn
    jenn at · Reply

    You’re a genius. Amazed at your ability yet again.

  8. jliff
    jliff at · Reply

    These are fabulous – very creative! Such a great idea to add the magnet. Summer birthdays are always hard so hopefully this helps! 🙂

  9. fynesdesigns
    fynesdesigns at · Reply

    These are so incredibly creative!! My daughter is an August baby and she starts school this year, were just getting into it. You’d think because I have a big family there would always be people to invite, but they all plan an annual camping trip on the weekend of her birthday so were still stuck. Awesome craft idea I have to start saving those lids!

  10. Midsommarflicka
    Midsommarflicka at · Reply

    These look fabulous! And I can totally understand your love with the DYMO labelmaker. Because I have the same. And maybe you should also see my kitchen cupboards 😉

    Have a great week!
    Love, Midsommarflicka

  11. The Sweet Escape
    The Sweet Escape at · Reply

    These are so freak’n cute, I love them! I want to come to this party. Also – where did you get your circle punch?

  12. Jennifer @ Brave New Home
    Jennifer @ Brave New Home at · Reply

    These are awesome! Haha, you are so right about including extra images cause we are never right about which ones our readers will want to pin. We just welcomed our second and my mom was relieved that she didn’t come too far past her due date cause then she’d be forced to have a summer birthday party and how could her little future friends come? 😛

  13. Lucy
    Lucy at · Reply

    So very cute ! I love theme parties and this one sounds like so much fun…xo

  14. Alexis @ Persia Lou
    Alexis @ Persia Lou at · Reply

    Okay – my daughter’s birthday is at the end of August too, and we have had problems with getting people at her parties. And we are also planning a summer camp theme party for her this year! I love, love, love these invites. The “badge” look is perfect. Pinned! 🙂

  15. katieedwardsis
    katieedwardsis at · Reply

    These are SO CUTE. Making them into magnets is so smart. I love this!

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