Camping Birthday Party Invitations

Camping Birthday Party Invitations

If you’re a summer baby or have had a summer baby, you know all too well the joys of trying to host a summer birthday party.


– Backyard party
– Great weather
– BBQ’s and outdoor cooking
– Sunshine
– Pool party potential
– Ice cream and kool aid and slushies and popsicles
– Usually accommodating to more guests due to the backyard part


– Everyone is away on vacation

My older daughter’s birthday falls at the end of August, which leads into the last long weekend of the summer a.k.a. Labour Day weekend. And so many people at that time of year do that last minute panic excursion away before school starts and real life and colder weather kicks in. Trying to ensure that the mysterious classmates that your kids hang out with all year round are able to attend at that time is well, a parents birthday party planning nightmare. I mean it’s great that you can decorate and buy all the sugar infused treats and loot bags that you can, but if the friends can’t come, there’s no party.

Because in the end, that’s the most important thing.

This year, I got a little smarter. And as insane as it sounds to book at date for a kids birthday that far in advance (I mean come on, it’s June), I checked the calendar, decided on an August weekend and then am making sure she goes to school with the invitations before the end of her school year. So at the very least, should I not be able to get her friends parents contact info, it’s on the radar.

Because if her friends are anything like her (which they are and damn are they all ever loud!) birthday parties in elementary school are a huge deal. It’s epic to go to a summer party at her age because it’s like a reunion.

So my card making loving self made these for her Camping Birthday Party. Because that’s the theme she’s begged me for for 2 years, since the madness that was the Rainbow Birthday Party.

I started off with juice can lids. Yeah. Go ahead. Say “What the hell?” I keep all of them. Mainly because these are so good to use for kids crafts. Buttons. Signs. Flowers. Sunshine. Happy Faces. Name tags. I could go on.

Another reason I wanted to use them was because it is a camping party and camping tends to be a little rustic. And I needed something to ensure I could attach a magnet too and not look ridiculous. I’ll get to that.

Juice can lids -

Making birthday party invitations -

Cutting out camping symbols -

Got out the Mod Podge…

Using mod podge to glue the paper to the can lid -

 Paper stars glued on with a glue stick -

I used my glue gun to put a craft magnet on the inside of the card. Then on the front I lightly glued the lids to the paper.

They did adhere to the magnet on their but this was just to hold their position in place.

Magnet on the inside of the card -

And then I wrote “Join Us in the Woods” otherwise known as the fake woods in our backyard with my DYMO label maker.

I love my DYMO label maker. You should see my kitchen cupboards.

Camping Birthday Party Invitations -

 DIY - Camping Birthday Party invites -

Join Us in the Woods - Camping Birthday Party invite with tent and trees -

Join Us in the Woods - Camping Birthday Party Invite with a fire synbol -

Make your own Camping Birthday Party Invitations -

 I’ve become that blogger that posts 10 unnecessary photos of her projects.

Why? Because you are all very particular about which photos you Pin on Pinterest. One never cuts it. And it’s never the one I think you should pin.

And if you’re sitting there going I don’t get why you needed a magnet, it’s my subtle way of saying “Hey I can conveniently stick this invite on my fridge!” Or your family memo board. As a gentle yet completely not subtle reminder of those summer birthday parties and how it would mean the world to a little kid to have your kid attend.

Who am I kidding, you know your kids are going to steal it for themselves and use the lid as a button. Which is precisely the reason we’re going to be making our own at the party.

 DIY Camping Birthday Party Invitations made with juice cans lids and cardstock -

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