No Candy Halloween Treats - Glow Stick Brooms

No Candy Halloween Treats – Glow Stick Brooms

I am always and I mean always brainstorming ideas for classroom treats that don’t involve food or candy because our school has a very strict peanut free allergy policy. That and sometimes it’s nice to try something that’s not pre-packaged food.

This year because there is a school dance where all the kids in every grade attend and I thought maybe they’d like something to wear when they are there dancing in the spooky darkness. My friend April gave my kids some bracelets for their long ride to Disney and let me tell you, greatest toy ever in the car after the sun went down.

So we made Glow Stick Brooms.

What you’ll need:

– Glow Stick Bracelets (they’re usually 6 for $1 at the dollar store)

– Bakers Twine

– Black Felt (if you don’t have felt use lunch bags or kraft paper for a real broom effect)

– Card stock for your labels

Glow Sticks, felt and twine

Put your bracelet cap on first before you do this (each bracelet comes with an end piece to ‘tie’ the 2 bracelet ends together). Be very careful not to crack the bracelet to activate it.

Cut out 3.5″ W x 3″ H strips of felt and then in those strips cut out some vertical strips about half way in height for the broom effect. Take your glow stick and roll the felt around it and tie with your label and bakers twine.

DIY Halloween Treats

No Candy Halloween Treats

I liked this idea so much that if I debated whether or not to buy then in bulk for Halloween and give them out to trick or treaters. Then I remembered how many kids we get in the suburbs ringing our doorbell and also reminded myself of how many wedding favours I had to wrap when I got married.

That was the moment I said “Where are the store flyers for the candy sales?”

Glow Stick Brooms for Halloween


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