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  1. Martina
    Martina at · Reply

    So much of this post makes me want to channel an old-school revivalist church response, replete with standing, clapping, and emphatic exclamations. To be brief the jones-y “bigbigbig-moremoremore” mentality that can pervade the internet exhausts me. Which is why I’m prone to semi-annual blog-hiatuses.

    The gift from your daughter is such a sweet gesture. It means so much to young children to give a gift of something they *made* not only for the sense of pride in making something but also, kids aren’t financially autonomous & unable to purchase ‘things.’ The beauty of it is that because they don’t quite grasp adult value systems it means so much more than just getting some paper. It’s the genuine act of *giving*, simple and kind and that’s what makes it meaningful.

    I won’t be picking a word for 2014 until it’s over 😉

  2. Gilit
    Gilit at · Reply

    I’m too exhausted to write a proper comment so I’ll just sit here and clap….Okay, done.

  3. Amy ~ Love On Sunday
    Amy ~ Love On Sunday at · Reply

    Welcome back Alex! I love this post and I really admire you for keeping up with this blog all while having 2 girls. The quality of your posts are on another level and that’s what keeps me coming back. Such original ideas and photographed so well! It’s easy to see where your girls get their creativity from – and those paper stars are amazing. Such a sweet and precious gift. All the best!

  4. Shauna
    Shauna at · Reply

    Amen! I totally agree with your blogging resolutions. I think I’ve stayed pretty true to those in the past, but it’s easy to get caught up in it all. Happy 2014 (no matter how you say it)!

  5. Jennifer @ Brave New Home
    Jennifer @ Brave New Home at · Reply

    I love that song too but never would have known the words otherwise! Have a great year, Alex!

  6. Dani @ lifeovereasy
    Dani @ lifeovereasy at · Reply

    Those paper stars really tugged at my heart. My “babies” are heading out of the nest. My youngest is a 5’10” volleyball player, the oldest is becoming a brilliant engineer. Where did the time go? I was lucky enough to be at home more than most people, and I savoured it all. But even so, I still know I missed so much while I was busy with things that didn’t matter. You are so wise to recognize these things! And it seems to be happening in the collective blogging consciousness – we are all questioning the blogging rat race so to speak. I think it’s a great thing. Here’s to an amazing 2014 with richness and abundance in all areas!

  7. Joanna
    Joanna at · Reply

    Love! Thank you. I have a blog, I wanted to make something of it. I found I only did it in spurts and the more I blogged the less I made. And the more I tried to make, the less inspired I was to blog. You make so much sense. Good Luck in your year. 🙂

  8. Vanessa@Decor Happy
    Vanessa@Decor Happy at · Reply

    I love this Alex! And spending time with our kids and family is way more important than blogging (that’s why I only blog intermittently.) Although this year I am trying to blog a bit more – we’ll see how it goes. I now have to go and listen to that song! Wishing you an amazing year!

    1. Vanessa@Decor Happy
      Vanessa@Decor Happy at · Reply

      Oh, I know and love that song. Just didn’t know the title. Yes, the video is a bit quirky with that alligator/croc whatever it is! And PS forgot to mention how the gift from your daughter is the sweetest thing ever and funny how it ties into the song.

  9. Inspire Me Heather
    Inspire Me Heather at · Reply

    Ok, that was an amazing-wonderful-couldn’t have said it better post! What a refreshing attitude Alex, you rock (and I just have to listen to that song now!). Thanks for keeping it real and hugs!!

  10. kim @ DESIGN + LIFE + KIDS
    kim @ DESIGN + LIFE + KIDS at · Reply

    Ok, I love love this! Thanks for reminding us to stop and simply enjoy. BTW… so wish you were coming to ALT!

  11. Victoria • Restoring our Victorian
    Victoria • Restoring our Victorian at · Reply

    my favorite part was the piece to new bloggers writing their first post… Remember all that ENTHUSIASM? Before the soul-crushing realization that indeed, you are NOT going to take over the Internet in a couple of months?
    Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Danielle
    Danielle at · Reply

    Dang… I love Thoreau!

    This is one of my very favorite blog reflections on 2013. So well said and a great goal… intentional living.

    I love that song; it’s one of the things that got me through the crazy holiday retail season. 😉

  13. Lauren @ The Thinking Closet
    Lauren @ The Thinking Closet at · Reply


    Alex, I appreciate that you are always reflecting, always adjusting, always checking in to make sure you’re doing it all for the right reasons and being true to YOU and your family. Thanks for affirming a lot of the instincts I’ve been feeling lately. My word this year is BALANCE in response to the hours upon hours I was staying on the computer doing social media promotion and responding to emails and really working on everything BUT art. And that is not sustainable. Not for this girl!

    Here’s to a year counting paper stars!

  14. thelearnerobserver
    thelearnerobserver at · Reply

    Girlfriend, you touched a nerve there! I mean, I don’t have kids, so I don’t think about spending time with them, but I have a family and I want to be present for them, not just always thinking about “The Blog” and what needs to happen there. I disconnected for a little bit there too, and it felt awesome. I wasn’t even reading other blogs, let alone writing my own! I don’t think you need to worry at all about your blog and your brand growing as long as you have this attitude. You do amazing work, you create amazing things, and you’re an amazing writer! Have I said how amazing you are?

    One last thing, this –> “I know you listen to this stuff Office Space style on your radio in the car with the windows up.” was my favourite part because, HELLO, how did you know that is totally meeee?!?! And I always love a good Office Space reference!

  15. Tash @ The Dreamhouse Project
    Tash @ The Dreamhouse Project at · Reply

    I don’t think I could possibly say it any better than Martina so I’m just gonna say ‘Ditto’ and AMEN! Alex you are such an inspiration to me and I applaud you for living the life you want (and the one that so many of us want too!). xo

  16. Midsommarflicka
    Midsommarflicka at · Reply

    I just discovered your blog recently and this is one the first posts I’m reading here, and I have to say: I LOVE it! And it’s so true! I also disconnected a little bit and haven’t posted any projects or similar this year so far… and it feels so good so far!

    I’m gonna follow your blog and will be excited to see and read what else you’re posting about!!

    Wish you a great weekend!
    Love, Midsommarflicka

  17. Tara
    Tara at · Reply

    Great post, lady.

    You hit the nail right on the head (as always) and said some things that have been running through my brain so frequently this month.

    I’m looking forward to this year. I think it could be a banner one! 😉

    But yes, let’s all just chill a bit, shouldn’t we? 😉

  18. Heidi
    Heidi at · Reply

    What a wonderful post! Makes me really want to be present for each and every day and not just rush through it.

  19. Cate Moore
    Cate Moore at · Reply

    I always love what you write, Alex. There are so many great reminders in this post too. And this Thoreau quote is something I need to learn to live – I love it and I suck at it.

  20. Time With Thea
    Time With Thea at · Reply

    Bravo and well done! You have come so far since I started following you when you first joined the blogging scene. I am inspired! ~Thea

  21. Jacquie
    Jacquie at · Reply

    I love that quote! That alone could keep any parent grounded 🙂 I’m a younger blogger (only 2 years) and I can see the constant flurry to keep up – honestly, it really gets in the way sometimes.

    My manta this year is ‘Organize, Simplify, Focus’. I need better organization of my ideas so I don’t feel the urgency to blog them right away. And we’re also working to simplify some things (social media being one of them especially for a throw-back vintage girl who still keeps a paper calendar) so I can focus more on what I love and what matters most.

    Lovely post and best of luck with your goals this year!

  22. Jess
    Jess at · Reply

    Alex, this is just lovely. Continue counting stars, we’ll be here counting along side you.

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