DIY - Decorate your own umbrella

DIY – Decorate your own umbrella

It’s Day 1 of March Break and you’ve already reached for the Advil and your wine. Spring is supposedly coming in 2 weeks and there is still 3 feet of snow in your backyard. Operation “Occupy Your Kids with Crafts Week” is running out of ideas and your kids are bored and getting louder.

So I’ve got another one for you. Decorating your own umbrella!

DIY umbrella (2)

This all started when my daughter brought home her umbrella from school in pieces. She got it last year for her birthday from one of my best friends (it’s the Alex Color A Yumbrella umbrella for kids) and she loved it to death. The markers faded and bled in the rain but she didn’t care and basically wore it down.

broken umbrella

When it died an untimely death I thought surely we can do this on our own somehow no? I just really didn’t want to resort to fabric paint and stenciling. I wanted something kid friendly and easy.

So you know when you get a craft idea that’s so simple that you can’t believe it never occurred to you to do it before. What is waterproof, easy to use, kid friendly, flexible and probably in every household craft box across the country?

Foam shapes.

This is just Walmart. Never mind the dollar stores across the world.

craft foam shapes (2)

So I got some of these…

craft foam shapes

And then got my daughter to pick out whatever shapes she wanted. Butterflies won that round. We also picked up two blue child sized umbrellas at the Dollar Tree.

This is the story DIY umbrella # 1.

DIY umbrella (2)

Got out the Fabri-Tac (if you don’t have this use any waterproof glue / permanent adhesive like E6000).

The most important step is to pay special attention to the edges of the foam shapes when you’re placing the glue on the backs of the foam shapes to avoid any curling up of the foam. Foam will curl when wet as I learned via my bat display on Halloween.

DIY umbrella (3)

DIY umbrella (4)

DIY umbrella

DIY umbrella (5)

And this is the story of DIY Umbrella # 2.

DIY umbrella

DIY umbrella (2)

decorate your umbrella decorate your umbrella (2)

Just some tips if you try this:

– Press down firmly when you place the foam shapes on the umbrella to secure them to the nylon or else it will peel off.

– Let it dry 24 hours before getting wet.

– Choose thinner foam shapes vs thicker ones.

– If you’re wondering how it folds with the shapes, very easily. Foam is thin and flexible and will conform to any shape you mold it too. This is why it’s important to get the edges of the shapes glued down so the edges of the shapes don’t peel off.

I think this would make an awesome craft for an older child’s birthday party or even a loot bag treat to take home. The possibilities are endless because foam shapes come in just about everything from footballs and dinosaurs to fairies and stars.

Total cost (because I owned the Fabri-Tac already) around $6 for both umbrellas.


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