DIY Air Freshener (How to scent wood)

DIY Air Freshener (How to scent wood)

This is one of those happy accidents based on a messy office and the fact that I am trapped in my house under mountains of snowbanks that have turned to mini icebergs outside my front door.

The winter we are enduring right now is the second coldest that we’ve had on record in 25 years. Needless to say we are losing our minds over here. The last thing you want to blog about are home projects when you’re staring at everything you want to change but can’t change. This is because you can’t get into your garage to do all the projects you want as it’s -35 with the windchill and that will follow you in there like the smoke monster from LOST. Spray painting season doesn’t begin until at least April or May. At the rate the weather outside is going that’s me being optimistic.

So while I was reorganizing the chaos that is our home office (my husband keeps telling to admit it, it’s a craft room but I will die before I admit I have a craft room because that will officially solidify my suburban mother status), I had left my scented baking soda dough ornaments and their oils in the same container as my craft wood shapes and veneer.

And in a captain obvious discovery, I realized that some of the wood had absorbed the scent of some of the oils and ornaments. Sort of like when you find a piece of furniture that you love at a thrift store that but you can’t bring it home because it reeks of cigarette smoke and damp home odours in the wood and you know it’s going to require a crazy amount of work to get it out. But in a good way instead.

Like how awesome fresh cut cedar smells.

In which case because my kids closet was smelling, well, like a kids closet and the bathroom was smelling, well, like a bathroom, I decided to actually make little air fresheners out of some wood cubes and shapes.

Here is all you have to do. Get some wood cubes, craft shapes or pieces of wood of your choice.

Wood craft cubes -

Choose whatever scented aromatherapy oil you’d like and put some in a container. Then with a paint brush, brush on the oil.

For the cubes, I put them in a jar with several drops of oil and shook them up until the oil had gotten all over them. I had some lemon and lavender oils laying around as well as some of my Body Shop perfume oils. Both worked.

I even tried spraying perfume on it and that also worked. But if you do that you NEED to ensure that you do it on a relatively thicker piece of wood or the wood will warp. The perfume ones did not last as long as the oils ones did.

Scenting wood craft shapes -

After you cover the wood with the oil, in a closed container, let it sit overnight to absorb it.

Then hang or place your air freshener where ever you’d like.

And that’s it.

DIY Air Freshener -

I did this project early on February because I wanted to see how the oils would affect the wood and how long the scent would last. And all the ones in the closets are still going strong.

Especially the lemon scented ones. If the scent fades, all you have to do is re-add some oil to it again and re-use.

We did some with various shapes for the cars. Yes just looking at the photo below means you know that I am totally going to do a scented wood ornament post come Christmas season.

Wood Shapes -

DIY portable air freshener made from a wood shape -

Nothing says Drive Safe like something hanging off your rear view mirror. Before you send me emails, this was a photo illustration only. I put them elsewhere.

For example, if you don’t want to hang them, just get a small Velcro sticker and put it on the backs of the wood and adhere them wherever you’d like. Or just sit them in a bowl.

DIY Air Freshener and how to add scent to wood -

Between this and the scented candles all over my house, I can now pretend that Spring is actually coming versus that musty smell of winter.

And plants. I need to go find some plants. Send me plants please. I promise I’ll make a nice planter to match it.