DIY bird feeder

DIY bird feeder

And part 2, the bird feeders that worked. Let’s start with the upcycle. Picked up an old bird house at Goodwill for $2.

Got out the Krylon Spray Primer and Paint. Primed. Painted. Added new twine. Hung up.

The After

Added a little cookie can turned bird feeder under the empty house made from this.

Made an extra one out of the bigger juice can

These were inspired by the ones I came across on Happy Go Lucky and Factory Direct Craft. They fall into the KISS principle. Unlike my other DIY horror story.

However, let me tell you, Krylon Spray Paint in Banner Red (gloss), you are not my friend. Drippy, uneven, take forever to dry, pain in my ass. The Ocean Breeze blue was fine. This, was not. That bird house took sanding, 2 coats of primer and almost 6 COATS of the spray paint. Really now?? This was with short thin coats (always better to layer color to deepen than do one or 2 thick coats to avoid a mess) but it reminded me of the differences between good nail polish and crap nail polish. This was SO thin compared to Rustoleum. If it wasn’t for the shade of Ocean Breeze, let me tell you, I’d be hard pressed to buy another can of Krylon ever again after this.

Ok. Happy thoughts. This next bird feeder was inspired by the effing brilliant idea that Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff invented. I loved them so much I wanted to make my own so I picked up a clear globe light cover at the Salvation Army for $1.99 to start.

Then by fluke I came across these Wooden Knitting Rings (Knitting hoops? Quilting hoops? Someone help me out here..) for $2 for 3 sets of them (second hand as well) and I had an idea.

Took them apart

Checked to see if the smaller ring would fit. It didn’t.

So I made it fit.

Glued all the pieces back together.

Then glued the rings onto the glass globe.

Let dry overnight. Actually 2 days to be safe just because I hadn’t tested out this glue outdoors in rain. Ever. Added twine. Filled with bird seed. And globe bird feeder done.

My neighbour saw it and joked that he thought I was putting up a Pinata. Suddenly a subconscious fear of some kid using it as batting practice late at night on a bored summer night appeared in my head, so I moved it to another branch closer on my lawn.

Then Mr. Gold Finch took a hell of liking to it and has been in there every day since.

So Karen I humbly thank you for seriously the easiest and most cost effective “modern” looking bird feeder ever. I need to make more. If only to protest the Pinata comment.