DIY Christmas Cards

DIY Christmas Cards

If you told me today that I was forced to blog only about DIY-ing my own cards, I’d say “Done”. This is by far my favourite craft to do for any occasion, but Christmas brings out that hamster running on the wheel in my brain to a point where I don’t know to narrow down all the ideas floating around in my head. There are so many endless ideas. How can you do just one type of card? It’s impossible.

So in order to help me sort out all the card possibilities, I try to choose a subject matter – I.E. a tree, a wreath, a present, a snowman, etc. and stick to that one design. For the past couple of years I’ve been doing holiday card crafts using a Christmas Tree as the primary design feature due to an idea that started with the first year I attempted doing Christmas cards with my daughter. Which I hope I can write up a post about before Christmas. Based on this week’s calendar in my real life, that’s not looking too promising right now. If not there’s always next year. Unless you want to hear about making Christmas Cards in January.

So I present to you, my DIY Christmas Cards for 2012.

Using what else? Ribbons. Ok I lied there’s some IKEA fabric in there too.

DIY Christmas Cards - northstory-001

Kraft paper christmas cards

These first tree cards were made using the scraps from the IKEA RITVA curtains we put up in our bedroom.

Because you do that too right? When you shorten your curtains you go “Wow that fabric would make a great Christmas tree on a card!”

Christmas Cards using IKEA fabric scraps

Christmas Cards using IKEA fabric scraps (2)

Then I used ribbons I picked up at Michaels this year to do these Christmas trees.

Ribbon Christmas Cards - red - northstory

Ribbon Christmas Cards - northstory

Ribbon Christmas Cards

Ribbon Christmas Cards - Green - northstory

And because I had so much (and I mean SO MUCH) rainbow ribbon leftover from the rainbow party..

Rainbow Ribbon Christmas Cards

Who says you can’t bling up basic kraft cardstock? This is for a dear friend who we all call Diva. I hope she doesn’t read this before it arrives in her mail.

Sparkly Christmas Card

And finally, using IKEA cookie cutters and IKEA’s ANNBETH fabric scraps leftover from a bulletin board I made for my daughter’s room that I have yet to blog about, these came to life.

Christmas Cards using IKEA ANNBETH fabric

Christmas Cards using IKEA ANNBETH fabric (2)

I glued all the ribbon onto the card stock with basic all purpose school glue sticks. That way, there’s less glue that seeps through and potentially darkens the ribbon as well as fabric colours.

Christmas Card Craft - northstory

Have a favourite?

Merry Christmas from my house to yours!