DIY - Christmas Tea Bags

DIY – Christmas Tea Bags

Like most bloggers it never ceases to surprise me what takes off on my blog versus what I actually want to take off. That is, usually projects that I have a personal investment in or am really proud of and am happy with, kind of disappear into the black hole of search engines and Pinterest. Yet projects that I don’t think twice about people respond to in the most shocking way.

Take the felt Valentine’s tea set I made. I am not a big tea drinker but made the set as a gift to for my daughter’s teacher. Well. Apparently you all liked it. Enough that it was shared almost 50,000 times on Stumble Upon.

Listen, it’s not that I am not grateful – I am. But really? Tea? Have you seen my wreath? Or perhaps this planter? It’s like this seasons pom pom ornament which has taken on a life of its own on social media. Every time I check a Pinterest referral to my blog, there it is. The ornament that never ends.

Well in what seems to be my new motto, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. So here’s the Christmas tea set version. Same felt, different seasonal decor.

Start with this (and your glue gun).

Making a Christmas tea set - northstory

And you end up with this…

DIY Christmas Tea Gift - northstory

Christmas tea bags made with felt holly embellishments - northstory

Christmas tea - northstory


Felt Holly embellishments on tea bags - northstory

Yes I realize that felt is a very ostentatious thing to add to tea bags (seeing as you normally get rid of them) but who am I to judge. Because most people asked “Are they for sale?”

Is that a hint? Is it time to open a small store? Who needs sleep. I’ll just eat, breathe and make.

It’s not like I am up editing the posts in this 12 day self imposed Christmas challenge past midnight…(Pssst there is a good chance I am quitting by Day 9!!)

DIY - Christmas Tea Bags - northstory