DIY - Easter Cards

DIY – Easter Cards

Oh Easter.

You and me need to go on a date. Perhaps get to know each other a little better. I don’t know if it’s the pastels, the mysterious basket filling that resembles melted shards of plastic or the complete horror movie factor of bunnies, but unlike your far away cousin Christmas, you make this season very hard for me to do holiday crafts for.

Every year I swear I will try to work with you. Sometimes I fail. And sometimes I do ok. This year, we’ll see how these go. I decided to give you a bit of a modern makeover from last years fabric cards.

Apparently geometric is the new chevron. Or ikat. Or something to that effect. Alas I did put a bird on it. You are after all, Easter. That’s my excuse.

DIY Easter Cards -

Making Easter Cards - northstory (2)

Geometric inspired Easter eggs -

Making Easter Cards - northstory (3)

Geometric inspired Easter Basket cards -

Making Easter Cards - northstory

Bird Easter Cards -

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Modern Easter Bunny Cards -

Easter Card Craft -

This year I went back to basics and used paper on my kraft cardstock. And glue. And cookie cutters, a pencil and scissors.

Because paper is a lot easier to cut shapes out of than felt. Which I love and started to make these cards with. And then I realized Easter is less than 2 weeks away and that was a really bad idea given the back injury I got making the Christmas ones.

I liked using paper so much this just may become the beginning of a new relationship for us. And you match the DYMO labels on the cards so nicely too. Which for the record, are going on the eggs. But that’s another post.

DIY Modern Easter Cards -