DIY - Easter Cards

DIY – Easter Cards

This is the time of year I am supposed to tell you you’re about to see a bounty of Easter crafts to warm your heart and make you feel all cozy and fuzzy like a nice soft bunny. Easter mantels. Easter wreaths. Yeah that’s just not happening in my living room.

Easter and me get along in the following ways:

A) Our mutual affection for all the chocolate in the stores, especially my Cadbury cream eggs (which there is a homemade recipe for that I found on Pinterest).

B) Egg decorating, which pretty much is standard fare the moment you have kids and revisit your childhood egg dyeing projects.

C) Eggnog – no wait, wrong holiday. Let me try again. Organizing a fun Easter Egg hunt and making great Easter baskets for my kids.

See a pattern? Easter for me is primarily a holiday for my kids. My older daughter reminds me daily “Mommy you promised we could make an Easter garland for my room”. March Break is next week (which being mother of the year, I completely forgot about). I’m on it. But for me, as an adult my love of holiday crafts tends to go a little psycho towards the latter half of the year where Halloween and Christmas run my life.

Easter and me are kind of like me and pastels and patterns. You probably won’t catch me wearing any. Ever.

I don’t know why and it’s not like I dislike the holiday, it’s just not my favourite out there to inspire me to do crafts for. I am probably shooting myself in the foot by writing this because by next year maybe something will change and I’ll be all over some project for it. But I really think it is the saturation of all the pastels in the stores and I am not a fan of pastels. Turquoise and aqua are the exceptions. And I love Christmas much, much, much more. Maybe I just need to take on some challenges of doing Easter crafts that don’t involve shades of sherbet ice cream throughout my house and get back to some natural goodness.

But what I do love making and will make any excuse to make (that’s a lot of makes) are cards. And I do Easter cards every year.

These are this years.

DIY Easter Cards -

If you follow my blog you’ll notice a pattern in my craft projects where I tend to re-use a lot of older materials from previous crafts. Two simple reasons for this. Reusing craft materials is always great for the environment and the second, well, craft supplies can cost a lot of money. So I try and work with what I’ve got.

First up, for the kids. Another appearance of the work socks I used on the Valentine’s Cards. Only this time as bunnies. Mixed in with some fabric from an old sleeper.

DIY easter cards (2)

You never know when there’s going to be an egg shower.

DIY Easter cards (6)

DIY Easter cards

DIY  easter cards

DIY easter cards

DIY easter cards

Then I went to my stash of IKEA fabrics to make some simple eggs. This is the FREDERIKA fabric.

DIY easter cards

DIY Easter cards IKEA FREDERIKA fabric

And this is the ANNBETH fabric leftover from the DIY Bulletin Board.

DIY Easter cards IKEA Annbeth

I used my old IKEA KALAS plates (they’ve since changed the shape of them) to make a basket outline.

Because sometimes it’s nice to leave the eggs white and make the baskets colourful.

DIY Easter cards

DIY Easter cards (2)

DIY Easter cards IKEA fabric

DIY Easter cards (11)

DIY easter cards

I swear I do also do cards on white cardstock. But this is what happens when you have several 50% off coupons for Michael’s and ransack their supply of kraft paper cards and envelopes.

Happy card making!


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