DIY Heart T-Shirt

DIY Heart T-Shirt

Welcome to the Collectively Creative Lovey Dovey Valentine’s Day Edition!

I’m generally not a very lovey dovey person. That is I am not very romantic. Sentimental yes. But flowers, rose petals and candles are not my thing. I tend to be more into the epic love stories where for example, a man will fight to honour his woman. My favourite movie is Braveheart and I remember seeing it for the first time and thinking that’s the kind of love every woman should have bestowed upon her. Should she die at the hands of the enemy, her love would be willing to start a revolution. Unrealistic. Yes. Maybe a little. But it’s the undertones I am speaking of.

It really explains why when I was a child Sleeping Beauty was favourite Disney story. I always looked at Prince Phillip and thought “See, he slayed a dragon to get to Princess Aurora”. The other Prince Charmings? Well, one sent out his Grand Duke to try out a slipper while he waited in the castle and the other…come on, didn’t the dwarves do ALL of the saving of Snow White? A kiss at the end? Where the hell was he when they were chasing the Evil Queen off a cliff and building Snow White her life preserving glass coffin?

Ok back to topic. The Valentine’s craft.

I was reminded by my older daughter that “somebody” forgot to make her a Christmas T-shirt from ribbons. I was reminded so many times that I am probably going to do the t-shirt come July of this year so I can have it posted for December (which is why I never did it last year because I ran out of time). But at least I could do a Valentine’s edition.

If you’ve seen the Apple and Pumpkin t-shirts that I made, this is the same premise, only in the shape of a heart.

What you’ll need:

    • blank t-shirt
    • grosgrain ribbon (I do not recommend using satin for this as satin tends to fray)
    • a permanent washable glue like Fabri-Tac or E6000
    • paper & pencil
    • scissors
    • a piece of cardboard

Start off by getting a piece of paper and stenciling or hand drawing a heart to correspond with the size of your t-shirt.

Gather up your ribbon.

 Take the first strand of ribbon that you want to use, flip it to the side that you will be gluing down on the t-shirt. That way you can draw on it.

Place it on top of your traced heart and lightly mark the pattern of the heart stencil on each ribbon strands as follows. Cut where marked.

Take a piece of cardboard and put it inside the shirt to avoid gluing the two sides of the shirt together when you glue the ribbons on.

Now take your heart/ribbons and place it on your t-shirt to ensure you have it placed in the right spot.

Then get your glue and begin to glue each individual ribbon strand on. Pay special attention to the cut ends of the ribbon to ensure there is enough glue on the ends to ‘seal’ them so they do not fray in the wash.

Because this is called the Lovey Dovey edition, in order to ensure Lovey Doveyness and World Peace in the household, make another one for your child’s sibling.

Let the shirts dry overnight on a flat surface (though Fabri-Tac dries really fast compared to E6000). If you find the edges haven’t been glued on fully the next day, take a toothpick with some glue and add some more glue in the spots you may have missed.

And you have yourself a nice little DIY Heart T-shirt for Valentine’s Day. Or two.

Then enjoy a rare moment of sibling Lovey Doveyness in your household.

Why not capture it on camera as proof before the war over who gets the last popsicle starts later that night after dinner. Or after somebody looked at somebody wrong.

In case you’re wondering, I washed these t-shirts inside out in the washing machine on a regular cycle and then hang them to dry.

The first ones I ever made were the apple and pumpkin t-shirts and originally I hand washed them for fear of the ribbons fraying. Then one day I just decided to try them out in the machine and I was floored at how good of a job the glue does in sealing the ends. They’re still in great condition and come out of the wash fine.

Just do NOT put them in the dryer as ribbon isn’t pre-shrunk and well, I can’t promise it will look the same when it comes out.


It’s been awhile since I did these shirts and when I did them, for the Heart T-shirt I used Fabri-Tac glue and for the Apples & Pumpkin T-shirts I used E6000 glue.

The Fabri-Tac unfortunately did not last through even 2 washes in the washing machine (that’s without a dryer) and majority of the ribbons peeled off or had started to peel off. Whereas the shirts I did with the E6000 glue are still just as good as the day I made them with absolutely no peeling, fraying or any of the ribbons falling off whatsoever.

Therefore I highly recommend you use the E6000 glue if you do this project vs the Fabri-Tac.


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