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  1. Green Door Hospitality
    Green Door Hospitality at · Reply

    These really turned out cute!!

  2. A Ponytail Kind of Day
    A Ponytail Kind of Day at · Reply

    What a great idea and they came out beautiful. Your little models are quite beautiful also 🙂

  3. Kelly (Cobwebs, Cupcakes And Crayons)
    Kelly (Cobwebs, Cupcakes And Crayons) at · Reply

    I love your t-shits, Alex. Seriously, love. (And your cards. But that’s another post.) Those pictures are just too precious. I love “Or after somebody looked at somebody wrong.” HA!! Your comments on the princes had me laughing out loud! You’re right, they don’t really do much at all, do they? Thanks so much for sharing such a “lovey” project for this month’s Collectively Creative.

  4. Pillows A-La-Mode
    Pillows A-La-Mode at · Reply

    Oh, I just love these!!! And your photos are adorable!!! 🙂

  5. susannachristensen
    susannachristensen at · Reply

    So creative! I have not seen this ever & I’ve seen everything!

  6. erika
    erika at · Reply

    Ohhh those are adorable! (As are your kids!) Such a great idea!

  7. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes
    Victoria Elizabeth Barnes at · Reply

    T-shirts are adorable. But not as adorable as your girls. Seriously. They’re kind of stealing the spotlight!

    Have we discussed Braveheart? Because we need to start a fan club…
    And? YOU ARE SO RIGHT. About Snow White. The prince just swans in at the end… I don’t even think he thanks the Dwarves for saving his one true love’s life?

  8. Cul de Sac
    Cul de Sac at · Reply

    My! how cute are those 2 girls??! love your t-shirt craft! I bet my daughters would be thrilled with that (not as much for my son though lol!), the oldest could even make her own 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  9. now at home mom
    now at home mom at · Reply

    Your daughters are adorable! I wish I could have a baby girl too, to make these, the shirts look great ! 🙂

  10. Leah
    Leah at · Reply

    Awwww, what a great project and your daughters are absolutely adorable! 🙂

  11. happylittlekiwi
    happylittlekiwi at · Reply

    This is such a cute idea! Your girls look adorable 🙂

  12. thethingaboutjoan
    thethingaboutjoan at · Reply

    Great t-shirts (and cute models!)! And I love your ribbon collection; you have so many different ones that coordinate together so nicely. It’s good to know the shirts can withstand the washer but not the dryer too. Thanks for sharing!

  13. thethinkingcloset
    thethinkingcloset at · Reply

    Alex, I know you and I share a love of the washi look, so of course, I’m love with how you achieved that look with ribbon. And the fact that it held up in the wash? Major cool points in my book. (I hate handwashing.)

    My husband would agree with you on Braveheart being the ultimate romantic movie…it’s epic. Heroic. And inspirational beyond belief. Maybe that should have made my Top Ten List!

  14. gentlestitches
    gentlestitches at · Reply

    What a great idea with the ribbon! They look fab and the photos are adorable. I couldn’t imagine those two cherubs fighting over anything!

  15. Trixie Lixie
    Trixie Lixie at · Reply

    These are fab, I think my 2 little nieces would like these, I might try them in yellow for Easter!

  16. Autumn@fallfordesign.com
    Autumn@fallfordesign.com at · Reply

    Such gorgeous kids you have!

  17. Time With Thea
    Time With Thea at · Reply

    I loved your apple and pumpkin T-shirts and these are just as adorable. Lucky daughters. ~Thea

  18. ScrapAndSalvage
    ScrapAndSalvage at · Reply

    you’ve done it once again! they look great and your daughters are major adorable!!!
    and i’m right with you on the romantic part (though i do light candles every night). and sleeping beauty and robin hood were my two favorite disney cartoons growing up!! 😉

  19. myhealthyohana
    myhealthyohana at · Reply

    Your daughters are adorable in their matching T-shirts!! I love their mischievous smiles 🙂

  20. Neaten Your Nest
    Neaten Your Nest at · Reply

    These are so adorable! I love them! When I think about getting into a craft involving any kind of fabric, I kind of go into a panic attack, but these are cute enough for me to try! Also, your girls are beautiful and your pics are great. What kind of camera do you have?

  21. cheryl
    cheryl at · Reply

    Your girls, of course beyond ridiculously adorable, look like they love being sibling! One of my greatest pleasures is seeing how well all my kids get along. They are all certainly closer now than my siblings and I ever were.

    And your ribbon shirts are just the best!! Such a fantastic idea!!

  22. spunkoney
    spunkoney at · Reply

    I adore these T-shirts! So stinkin’ cute, and simple, too! It would be easy to modify the heart and bit to make a “boy-ish” version for my little guys. Time to look at what I have in the sewing supplies!

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