DIY - Thank You Cards

DIY – Thank You Cards

It’s been almost a year since I last did a set of Thank You cards and let me tell you, I have a lot of them that I (we) need to send out. So I made another round and went with a colourful Fall theme this time.

This weekend in Canada, Monday to be specific, is our Thanksgiving so I didn’t want to be too late posting these just in case anyone wanted to get a little inspiration and make their own. For our neighbours to the South, if you see Christmas crafts here next month when you’re posting turkey recipes and centerpieces, that’s why.

For these I used felt, twine, wood veneer, a stamp set and IKEA’s LAPPLJUNG RANDIG fabric. And surprisingly rekindled my relationship with my glue gun that I thought had failed me.

DIY Thank You Cards

DIY Thank You Card

DIY Thank You Cards - apple

DIY Thank You Cards - bunting

Thank You card craft

DIY Thank You Cards - Feather

DIY Thank You Cards - apple basket

Fall Thank You Card

Apparently I also decided to cook us Thankgiving dinner this weekend. That should go swell.

Maybe you’ll see a Christmas card series on here much earlier. Possibly Monday when Sunday I dial up Swiss Chalet.

DIY Thank You Cards using kraft cardstock, IKEA fabric, wood veneer & felt - northstory