DIY - Valentine's Cards

DIY – Valentine’s Cards

Here we go! Valentine’s card crafts for this year.

I apparently use cookie cutters for everything but baking cookies and ribbons for everything except wrapping presents.

And because I am huge advocate of re-using craft supplies and materials, here is my Twine Christmas Garland redone as a Heart.

Then some simple stuck on heart shaped rhinestones and stamping led to these.

And my favourite.

I have a ton of old wool work socks that the soles are pretty much done but the top parts are all fine. So I washed them, got a pair of scissors…

…and made these cards.

I think they’d be pretty cool to give as a teacher Valentine OR a Thank You card with a message inside saying “Thank you for all the hard work that you do!” as they’re a pretty well known work sock. Or for a loved one with the message inside saying “Thank you for always walking beside me”.

Happy crafting!



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