DIY - Wood Veneer Father's Day Cards

DIY – Wood Veneer Father’s Day Cards

Every time Father’s Day rolls around each year, I think the same thing as I did last year. That they get a way cooler gift selection than we do for Mother’s Day.

Maybe it’s because I tend to lean towards a very stereo typically masculine sense of style in everyday life, that when I see the Father’s Day Gift Round Up’s I feel ripped off. They get things like new phone gadgets, leather laptop cases and bags, stereo speakers, industrial decor items, tools, bar ware, engraved flasks, beer gift backs and aged bottles of fine whisky.

We get flowers. That die.

Where’s my bottle of whisky?

Who do you think uses the blender at home the most? I don’t want someone painting my toenails. I want a good bottle of liquor. Or perhaps a nice messenger bag made from a recycled vintage army blanket. Star Wars gadgets? Hello? Have you see my iPhone case?

Don’t get me wrong. I am sure there are tons of men out there who are like I don’t need another damn tie but I am betting they’re not going to turn down their beer crate that you hand over while wearing your stilettos like a nice 1950’s housewife.

Needless to say I have a lot more fun trying to make Father’s Day cards because I feel like there’s this untapped market of creativity that I never get a chance to do otherwise, because sometimes I feel like if I made this for Mother’s Day or overall cards for women, I’m not sure how well it translate to everyone. So if you’re a woman who wants the Father’s Day swag for yourself, chime in in the comments. I want to know you exist. Maybe we can ban together to tell Wiser’s that the Wiserhood should have a branch for women because you know, we do drink their Special Blend too.

Where was I?

Father’s Day Cards.

I am sure you’ve seen the 1000 pallet and upcycled wood wall DIY’s online. Well that’s what inspired this craft. And because I am always asking my husband James to cut up something with his mitre saw for me for the next project I’ve invented in my head, in honour of the new garden beds he just made me, this is what I affectionately call my mini wood pallet card for him. Until I learn to use the mitre saw. Which should make for one hell of a blog post.

Start with some card stock and wood veneer. Cut up a bunch of pieces in random lengths.

Making Father's Day Cards - Step 1 -

Then using a glue gun (which through trial and error I have to be the best thing to glue wood veneer to paper) glue your wood veneer to your card.

For a fake nail / screw affect, as pallet walls have nails and screws in them, I used my paper fasteners (a.k.a. brads) that had a screw head design on them. I used them in my Father’s Day cards from last year as well.

Get a hole puncher, punch a whole into the wood veneer piece where you want your fake screw to appear, then use an X-Acto knife to mark where your paper fastener will be placed. Glue the wood veneer after you have punched the hole. IF you forget, you can still punch through the card stock and veneer, but be very careful as you may risk cracking your veneer.

Making Father's Day Cards - Step 2 -

The back of the front face of the card. You can cover this if you wish.

Making Father's Day Cards - Step 3 -

Trim off any excess veneer edges with scissors.

Making Father's Day Cards out of wood veneer -

Embellish the card at your will.

It is after all your mini pallet wall. I used a simple heart and alphabet stamp set for this.

DIY Father's Day Card made from wood veneer -

Father's Day Card Craft made from wood veneer to look like a rustic pallet -

Now I just have to make sure my husband doesn’t read my blog til after Father’s Day.

Maybe I’ll distract him with the stilettos and beer. Maybe I should make sure my Mother In Law doesn’t read this entry either.

DIY Wood Veneer Father's Day Cards -


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