Mother's Day Card Craft for Kids

Mother’s Day Card Craft for Kids

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are probably the two major holidays of the year that I can’t make a card better than my kids can. That is, once you have kids, you understand that nothing (and I mean nothing) that you make for your parents, can possibly hold a candle to what their grandchildren can make for them.

You could slave over the most utopic handmade card ever while your child will scribble on a piece of paper, seal it with a kiss and whose card do you think will get display rights on the mantle?

Now if you don’t have kids and you’re the kid, then you’re golden.

I’m totally joking. I’m a mom. I get it. Believe me, I have boxes of scribbles and stick figures on papers that I love more than anything.

So every year I try to think of some fun kid friendly card that either they can make or we can work on together. This year I had this idea that we could do “I Love Mom” cards in the same context as the famous “I love NY” logo and make a heart for it.

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All was going well and I was using the Cooper Black font to make up the cards on my computer. And then my printer/ink cartridge decided to fail and card after card I pulled out had ink bleeding on the paper.

Babcia (Bab-chee-ah) FYI is the Polish word for Grandma. That’s what my kids call my Mom. They call my Mother in Law, Grandma.

smeared ink on card

So onto Plan B, which should have been Plan A (because kids handwriting always trumps my addiction to typography), I got our supplies and instead had my older daughter to write all the cards out first.

Mothers Day Card Craft (3)

Mothers Day Card Craft (4)

Next up, I took a cookie cutter and a paint brush and brushed plain white craft glue on the card stock, all around the inside of the cookie cutter.

I’ve said this before but I swear I use cookie cutters for everything except baking cookies.

Mothers Day Card Craft (5)

Next is the fun part for your kids.


I got them to pour it onto the glue covered heart outline, shake it around to ensure the heart was covered and drop the excess glitter off.

Mothers Day Card Craft (6)

Mothers Day Card Craft (7)

Mothers Day Card Craft (8)

Like watching the sands through the hourglass.

This is what happens when you give a 2 and a half year old a bottle of glitter.

Mothers Day Card Craft (9)

And you’ve got yourself some glitter heart Mother’s Day Cards.

Mothers Day Card Craft for Kids

Mothers Day Card Craft Kids

And perhaps for your Mother’s Day, your kids can help you clean up all the glitter that you’ll be finding for weeks on the bottom of your socks.


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