DIY - Father's Day Cards

DIY – Father’s Day Cards

On the House describes a mending plate is as a metal connector that is used to help strengthen joints in wooden furniture, shelves, frames and other household connections. It reinforces the pieces together. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the shape and materials you need to mend together.

I thought in some strange way this is a nice metaphor for what a Father is. That is, a Father stereotypically is the go to person to help mend things or fix things up around the house. We’re two grown adults and believe me I’ve lost track of the amount of times my Father-in-Law has come over to help us with everything around the house and our cars. Let alone how much Father’s fix outside of just the physical components of a home.

And because I look for any excuse to use my TEKTON metal stamp set, I came up with this idea for a Father’s Day card craft for this year.

I gathered up my supplies:

– TEKTON metal stamp set

– Hammer

Mending Plates

– Brads (aka Paper Fasteners) in the shapes of screw heads

Fathers Day Card Craft Supplies

Stamped the mending plates and then fastened them onto plain kraft paper cardstock.

DIY Fathers Day Card

Fathers Day Card craft

Fathers Day Card Grandfather

Fathers Day Card Craft

Inside I wrote “Thanks for always being our family’s mending plate”.

My Dad is an Engineer and my Father in Law is a Mechanic. So the cards work for both of them. And as for my husband, well, none of the projects on here that start as a “Hey we should make…” in my head could ever come to life without him. He’s the most wonderful father and husband a girl could ask for.

J & C

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!