Feeling Lucky?

Feeling Lucky?

In honour of St Patrick’s Day, our favourite drinking holiday next to New Years (oh who am I kidding, any night here is good for a Wiser’s night), here are two simple pendants you can make.

First the clover pendant necklace. Inspired by a morning trip to Home Depot to look for paint swatch samples, that led to a trip down the hardware aisle where I saw these.

S screws

Then I got some green thread and a sewing needle.

4 leaf clover necklace

I placed the two “S” screws on top of each and then basically sewed a continuous tight loop to hold them together. And it would up like this.

Could also make for one fun little flower!

4 Leaf Clover necklace

Then the wooden block pendant necklace. First I dug up some wooden craft blocks.

wooden blocks

And some eye screws.

eye hooks

Found my stamp set and thought about my husband’s favourite and luckiest number, 13. Also his birth date.

So I stamped the number 13 on a block. Then I took a thumbtack and pushed it in to make a hole, so it would be easier to screw in the eye screw.

wood pendant

wood pendant (2)

And it wound up like this.

wood cube pendant necklace

wood pendant (3)

With this one, the possibilities are endless. A set of lucky dice anyone? This was so super simple and easy that my 5 year old made one for herself with her own initials.

What’s your lucky number or good luck charm?