Geometric Heart Cards

Geometric Heart Cards

This is the first of several Valentine’s cards that I’ve made this year. I wanted to try out some new materials, patterns and colours and couldn’t narrow down all the choices.

So I made them all. And hopefully I’ll get them all up here before Valentine’s Day. That is my plan. But as I have learned my plans for blogging are often thwarted by my kids who demand that I figure out why their Furby doll isn’t working at a moments notice. Furby’s for the record, are crazy. Why didn’t anyone warn me? It’s like Gizmo took a hit of acid and came back as a drunk British sailor.

The first cards are Geometric Heart Cards that I made using wood veneer and card stock. My obsession with wood veneer knows no bounds and I am always looking for things to make with my never ending roll of it that I picked up at Home Depot from a brand called Bennett (which I also used to make my wood veneer ornaments and a slew of other projects I have yet to post about).

What you’ll need for these:

– wood veneer tape / edging
– glue gun
– scissors
– card stock for both the hearts and your actual card in colours of your choice
– paper trimmer or again, a very good ability to cut super straight lines with scissors

The first thing you do is trim 2 cm strips of card stock to match the width of the veneer edging. Then cut corresponding 2 cm x 2 cm squares out of the strips of card stock and veneer. After you cut the squares, cut them again into triangles.

PER CARD you only need 5 squares of veneer and 5 squares of card stock. So 10 squares total.

Though I strongly recommend you cut more due to veneer cracking if you mess up when cutting it into a triangle.

Geometric star veneer and paper - northstory

Get your card stock and using your glue gun (which I have found through trial and error is the only thing that seems to hold wood veneer to paper for all my card crafts) glue 2 small triangles starting at the bottom approximately a quarter way up the card.

These cards are 4.5 x 5.5″.

Geometric Heart Step 1 -

Then it’s like doing a puzzle. Add each triangle in the opposite colour/texture next to the one that you just did.

Or when in doubt look at this pattern and copy it.

Geometric Heart Step 2 -

Geometric Heart Step 3 -

Geometric Heart - Step 4 -

Geometric Heart Step 5 -

And you’re done!

DIY Geometric Heart Cards -

Geometric Heart Cards -

Geometric Heart Cards made with wood veneer and paper -

Geometric Heart -

Geometric Heart Cards by

I think by the end of the year I am going to be able to write a post called “101 crafts to do with veneer edging”.

Ok at least 10.