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  1. Pillows A-La-Mode
    Pillows A-La-Mode at · Reply

    I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Cobwebs, Cupcakes And Crayons
    Cobwebs, Cupcakes And Crayons at · Reply

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!! It turned out amazing!

  3. Stacey
    Stacey at · Reply

    Well, I guess you better buy even more candy than you first thought… because EVERYONE is going to want to visit you! Those decorations are “to die for”! Was that scary? Seriously… it’s all perfect. Not too scary (for little ones) but hauntingly fun!

    The full moon was the perfect touch. That glow makes everything look amazing. So creative, Alex! I bet the kids are SUPER excited. I’d want to sleep on the front porch if I were your kid. Ha Ha! The bats turned out great, too. HAVE FUN and save some candy for YOU… you’ll need some chocolate later… when you take your bubble bath to relax and recover!

  4. Ingrid
    Ingrid at · Reply

    Wow! Great work! Love everything about it! Love that moon! 🙂

  5. Victoria Elizabeth
    Victoria Elizabeth at · Reply

    That. Looks. Awesome. I personally think it was absolutely worth giving yourself carpal tunnel syndrome cutting those bats out…

    I do the mason jars/tealights too. How do you store them the other 11 months of the year? I just have mine in boxes and every year I swear I’m just going to recycle them because they take up a ridiculous amount of room in the basement and are a pain to get out and put away.

    One of the girls in my facebook feed picmonkeyd her profile photo. It’s hysterical. She’s drinking a giant martini with a straw, but she gave herself vampire teeth and some blood-shot eyes and grayed her face. I was tempted to go and do one of myself immediately, but I am trying to waste less time on the Internet (so far, no… it’s not working at all.)

  6. Joan
    Joan at · Reply

    Love the effect of the moon with all those bats flying around your door — I am totally copying this for next year across my ugly white garage doors.

    100 trick or treaters? Impressive! Do you tell the kids you’ve run out or do you just kill the light and hide inside (we did that one year — not pretty!)?

  7. ScrapAndSalvage
    ScrapAndSalvage at · Reply

    WAY cool, alex!! great job. i love, love, love the moon

  8. Danielle
    Danielle at · Reply

    Dude… Nicely done!! You don’t mess around do you. This came out incredible is as thrilled as the rest of us. By the way, the moon is my favorite and since that was all you, I’m off to pin you post. Awesome!

  9. edwina
    edwina at · Reply

    incredible! you make the potentially mundane beautiful. great design!

  10. MarteS
    MarteS at · Reply

    Love this! Brilliant – wish I had read this before Halloween 😉 Maybe next year I will put some effort into Halloween, or maybe not, we’ll just have to see…

  11. traditionis
    traditionis at · Reply

    ohhhhhhhhhh is amazing!!!!

  12. Dria
    Dria at · Reply

    That is adorable! I love the moon. You did a fantastic job 🙂

  13. Jennifer
    Jennifer at · Reply

    I love love love this! I did the bats last year flying across a second story wall of our house. Now I’m trying to decide how to make a moon and get it up there…I don’t think my husband will climb up every night to turn it on but I will come up with something!!!

  14. Tiffany Doss
    Tiffany Doss at · Reply

    You are hysterical!! Best Halloween porch and I love your narrative! Thanks for the super ideas!

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  17. swellconditions
    swellconditions at · Reply

    Oh, that looks very, very cool!!

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