Halloween Striped Cookies

Halloween Striped Cookies

Welcome to the first ever post of Collectively Creative, an idea started by Kelly of Cobwebs, Cupcakes & Crayons who thought wouldn’t it be great if a group of bloggers could all publish a post at the same time all around a chosen theme and then showcase everyone else’s links, allowing readers to discover some new creative ideas and introduce them to some new bloggers.

So here is my contribution to the first Collectively Creative theme – Halloween!

The moment I finished making the Rainbow Striped cookies for my daughter’s birthday I instantly thought how great they would look would look for other themes. The original idea for the Rainbow cookies came from Good Life Eats. This is what I like to call the cookie for people who want to make an impact with their cookies but may possibly be cookie icing challenged.

Because apparently I needed an arm workout that morning, I thought “Hey, why not knead some more food colouring into dough?” and make the Halloween version of these just in time for this post.

Outside of all the ingredients for your sugar cookie dough you will need the following:

Ziplock (or your brand choice) sandwich bags

– Food / icing colouring in orange and black

– Saran wrap

– A big thick cutting knife (a butcher knife is good)

– Baking pan/tray

– Parchment paper

Step 1

Mix your sugar cookie dough. Separate dough into two equal portions in two separate bowls.

I used this sugar cookie recipe for the rainbow ones as I like to use oil instead of butter in them. I modified it to a serving size of 72 (yes 72) because I wanted big cookies. I’ve also used this sugar cookie recipe for them. For these, I did a mix of the two. I don’t even know how that’s possible but it was. I did wind up however adding too much oil but that’s another story.

Because we all have different dietary requirements, choose the recipe that suits your needs.

Step 2

Add in (knead in) your food colouring. I used Wilton Gel Icing Colours for these in orange and black.

Step 3

Separate each bowl of coloured dough into 3 equal portions.

Take each individual portion and put it into a Ziploc sandwich bag. Flatten it out and seal it as seen below.

A standard Ziplock sandwich bag is 6.5″ x 6″.

Place dough in your fridge to chill for an hour (or more…)

Step 4

Remove now very chilled dough from your fridge.

In a cross shape, lay out your saran wrap on your counter top. This will help make wrapping your dough easier.

Cut the sandwich bags of each layer of dough with a pair of scissors. DO NOT try and slide the dough out of the sandwich bags. You need the square shape in tact.

Carefully place one layer of dough in alternating colours on top of each other in the center of your saran wrap.

Wrap dough tightly with saran wrap and stick it in the freezer for at least another hour or two.

Step 5

Remove frozen dough from freezer.

Slice. Put on baking tray lined with parchment paper.

Step 6


With my oven I baked these for 6 minutes at 350 degrees.

Remove and let slightly cool. Trim off excess spread into rectangle shapes.

And you’re done.

Halloween Striped Cookies!!

You know what’s even better than rectangle Halloween Striped Cookies?

Striped Halloween shaped cookie cut outs!

I did the cut outs from the already baked rectangles. When I tried to do the cut outs with this particular cookie dough recipe before they baked, the spread was still too much and they didn’t retain their shape. This was an impromptu idea because we had just bought some Halloween shaped cookie cutters. I’ll know better for next time and use a recipe that’s geared more towards sugar cookie shape cut outs. Or maybe just cheat again and cut them out after because it still worked out pretty good.

The most important step in this entire process is the freezing of your layered dough. This will help prevent the bleeding of the colours into each other while baking and help retain the stripes. It also makes the dough much easier to slice and not have the layers squish together.

DO NOT skip the freezing part or you will have yourself a melted fondue resembling a drunk tiger in your oven.

Happy Halloween! Or possible Jungle theme party. Just add Tiger Tail ice cream!

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