Hazelnuts turned Mini Wreath Ornaments

Hazelnuts turned Mini Wreath Ornaments

It appears the past two weeks on here have been ornament week. Now it’s ornaments turned wreaths turned ornament wreaths. Would now be a terrible time to tell you I have another wreath craft coming up next month?

But let’s get on topic. Ever since I saw this giant burlap bag of hazelnuts hanging out in my local Bulk Barn I thought to myself “Why haven’t I done anything with them?” They completely remind me of my childhood where during Christmastime we would break out the nutcracker and go to town on them.

They look so much like acorns minus their cap and acorn crafts are everywhere.  The poor neglected hazelnut. So I said let’s make some decorations.

I would just like to say in advance for those of you with peanut allergies, I apologize for this one. I honestly debated whether or not to post this because I never want someone to feel like “I can’t do that” when they come here. If you read my blog you know I try very hard to do nut free treats and crafts for my kids to bring to school because I really try to put myself in the shoes of the students that never get a chance to eat the elusive classroom birthday cupcakes at school.

So if you can’t use hazelnuts, let this idea serve as an inspiration for making an ornament like this using another object such as marbles, pom poms, beads, etc.

And it is SO easy.

I used a cleaned up pickle jar lid and put in one hazelnut. I then used my glue gun to add glue to the side of the hazelnut and glued an additional one next to it. Repeated the steps until I had a full circle.

making a hazelnut ornament (2)

making a hazelnut ornament

I then flipped it out of the lid, glue the last nuts together, added some yarn and bakers twine and that’s it.

Hazelnut Christmas Ornament

Hazelnut Ornament

Do you want to know who made the ones in the photos above?

My 6 year old. No joke.

Then her 3 year old sister picked them and decided to test how well glue gun glue holds things together.

The answer in case you want to take a crack at these (what a terrible nut joke) is that if you want them to last past one Christmas or a curious toddler, use a more permanent glue and handle with care when hanging them. But for one year on the tree, this will do you just fine.

Mini Wreath made of Hazelnuts