Wood Slice Pendant

Wood Slice Pendant

I really should have done something fancy for this post and done up a whole Pinnable photo that read “Fall Kids Crafts – Apple and Pumpkin necklace pendants” as to make this more internet friendly and send me masses of traffic from image searches. But instead I spent this weekend in an apple orchard picking apples with my kids and our friends after we did this. And it was totally worth it because I live for Fall.

And by the way…Honeycrisp? Yeah right. Helloooooo Cortland!

What you’ll need:

– wood slices

– thumbtack

– eye screws

– pliers

– paint

– brushes

– your imagination & embellishments of your choice

Gather your kids and get thee some wood slices. Preferably ask your husband to use his giant sliding miter saw to slice tiny little wood slices from a branch you dragged home from the side of the road again. We used small ones just a tad larger than a nickel in diameter and more than 5 mm in depth. I also had some bigger ones for the littler artist.

wood slices

Then get a thumbtack and push it in. This will make screwing your eye screw in easier.

making a wood slice pendant necklace

People smarter than me on the internet discovered that if you use small pliers to screw an eye screw into the wood, you won’t need rubber gloves and Advil for your bruised thumb after. The only minor downfall to this is that unless you’re careful you will get dents on your eye screw after.

making a wood slice pendant necklace (4)

Also the deeper than 5 mm rule – this is why. Thin wood cracks.

making a wood slice pendant necklace (3)

Next – embellish! We made apples, glitter apples and Halloween pumpkins / Jack O’ Lantern’s. My almost 3 year old vastly preferred the bigger wood slices.

making a wood slice pendant necklace (5)

making a wood slice pendant necklace (6)

Wood Slice Pendant necklace

Glitter apple necklace

Halloween necklace

Apple Pendant necklace

DIY apple necklace

The leaves are just cut out felt sewn and tied together around the eye screw. The apple stem is a twig from my yard. The glitter we just added on when the paint was wet. And the Halloween one, that was a fine tip marker on dried paint.

Fall crafts - DIY necklace pendant

Technically the apple could be a cherry. It’s your call. I actually think they’d make pretty cute additions for a gift wrap or possible even a wine charm for Halloween. Party that is.

Because I don’t drink wine while giving out Halloween candy.

That never ever happens.

Totally happens.