Last Day of School Treats

Last Day of School Treats

“Mommy what are we bringing my class for the last day of school?”

How does she remember this stuff? Really. I didn’t bring it up. When they celebrated the Summer Classroom Birthdays this past week and she told me her summer birthday celebration was “tomorrow” (yesterday), I didn’t panic. I said “That’s great dear!”

There was no cupcake baking, no peanut free snack running at 11 pm to the grocery store. I again said, “Have a good day!” and dropped her off at school.

But this, she really wanted to do because last year on the last day of school…(inherent mumblings, that’s all I remember.)

Everything I used for this I already owned except the small craft bottles that I picked up at Dollarama which were 6 bottles for $1 x 3 for 18 kids (I really hope there’s 18 kids in her class). The IKEA PYSSLA beads I had leftover from the Rainbow Birthday Party and let me assure you, I will have enough of them in the two containers to last me until I die.

Because we are banned from bringing in any home baked goods due to various allergies, it’s always either a package Peanut Free Food or a material item. In honour of summer and summer camps and summer camp crafts, we made mini friendship bracelet craft kits.

We filled up all the craft bottles with beads.

mini craft bottles

making class treats

ikea pyssla beds

Tied it all together with twine, a label (the font is called Orange Juice) and added a small bag with thread to make the bracelet.

making class treats (2)

last day of school class treats

Last Day of School Treats (2)

Operation keep my kids occupied all summer starts in 3, 2…