Let's talk about wreaths

Let’s talk about wreaths

Dear American bloggers, I have a question for you. What is with your obsession with making a wreath for every occasion?

No really, I am not saying that to be mean or snarky, I genuinely want to know. Before I even started a blog I would regularly read dozens of blogs, primarily from the U.S. and the wreath crafts came in only second to your hard core devotion to the Patriotic Fourth of July crafts. Which as a fellow Canadian blogger I must admit, you kick our asses in that department.

Last Canada Day me and several other fellow Canuck bloggers were lamenting at the lack of Canada Day crafts (with the exception of the hand print Maple Leaf Flag and lots of red and white food). Especially compared to what was appearing in my Reader and Pinterest feed for the Fourth of July. I saw pretzels with red, white and blue sprinkles, garlands that make my Christmas ones look like child’s play and cocktails of layered colours of the American Flag with star ice cubes that never melted. My only explanation that I can figure out is we in Canada are too busy drinking beer and BBQ’ing to do anything about it while wearing our Canada Day t-shirts that we picked up at Joe Fresh.

But back to the wreaths, I need to know, is your Town or City a wreath Town or City? Do you make one for every occasion? Is this the norm where you are from, as much as hanging the American flag on your front porch is or is that just another urban legend? I ask because here in my little pocket of Canada outside of Toronto, Ontario, rarely do you ever see a wreath on a front porch aside from Christmas. Though lately Fall decor has been taking over a lot more in that area, so you’ll see some country style wreaths pop up the further out of the City you drive. And yes even we have a Canadian flag in our backyard.

However from what I’ve seen on US blogs over the years, it goes like this.

It’s Easter. You need a wreath.

It’s Spring. You need a wreath.

It’s Valentine’s Day. You need a wreath.

It’s Halloween. You need a wreath.

It’s your birthday and you don’t have a wreath. And you call yourself a craft blogger.

No really I want to hear from you. Hell I want to hear from Canadians, Australian’s, UK’er’s…tell me about your seasonal decor and if you need a wreath for all occasions in your neck of the woods. I want to uncover more of this obsession.

Which Thank You very much has made its way to my front porch.

Why? Because it went like this. I looked at yet another Round Up Post of the 36 Best Fall Wreaths and my 6 year old daughter saw it on my computer monitor and said “Mommy why don’t we have a wreath on our front porch?” and then demanded that we spend next weekend decorating our front porch for Fall because we apparently are behind and got lectured on that. There is just no hope in hell for a career for math or science for her I swear.

And because I had absolutely no orange or Fall colours available in my fabric supply box, you’re getting my version of what I am calling a Modern Fall Wreath. Modern colours that is. Which for better SEO should have been the title of this blog entry.

I used an old twig wreath and fabric scraps which included red felt, leftover fabric from when I hemmed IKEA LENDA curtains, IKEA LAPPLJUNG RANDIG fabric and a pair of shorts that had paint on one side. And those never ending styrofoam balls from last years twine Christmas garland.

making a Fall wreath (2)

making a Fall wreath

making a Fall wreath (3)

And because our front door window made taking a photo of this all kinds of wrong, I hung it under our front porch light instead.

Feathers, leaves and of course the Maple Leaf to prove that it’s in Canada, because you know Maple Trees do not grow anywhere else. At all.

Modern Fall Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath

Guess what? It makes me happy.

There I said it. Now go ahead and tell me to eat crow. But if you ever catch me making an Easter wreath or an Easter Mantle that will be the moment you know I have officially sold my soul and you are completely welcome to call me on it.

Oh and apparently I need to make an outdoor garland to match it. Says the future interior designer currently in Grade 1.