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  1. Janet
    Janet at · Reply

    Ha ha this cracks me up! Because I, too, have wondered about this obsession with changing out the holiday decor even for the one day (let alone seasonal) holidays. Like Valentines wreaths – that is over the top.
    In my neighbourhood, it’s pretty common to see spring, fall and winter themed wreaths. In fact we may be one of the only families who doesn’t have a wreath on our door right now. And I’m in Southern Ontario.
    It’s probably a good thing we’re not wreath crazy because I’m certain I know people who would put a Toronto Maple Leafs wreath on their door for playoffs!

  2. Martina
    Martina at · Reply

    I don’t do wreaths. Mostly because of the perpetual slew of rowdy boy-children who are inevitably slamming our front door as hard as they can, but also because they are alien to me. I’m not big on seasonal decor, and usually only commit to Halloween & Christmas decorating, but that could just be that I’m still a “novice” when it comes to seasonal decor.

    I actually really love how your wreath turned out, since the colours aren’t stereotypical autumnal orange/red/brown I feel like it could even double as a seasonal (winter) decor piece as well.

  3. thelearnerobserver
    thelearnerobserver at · Reply

    This post makes me happy because as a fellow Canadian, I too, do not understand the seasonal wreaths. I have made ONE wreath so far, and purchased one for Christmas at Costco. Yep… I bought it already made and threw some twinkly lights on it. It’s still sitting in my garage, dying. The one I made has been on the door since Spring and I’m not taking it down until a new Christmas one goes up. I don’t care if it has a purple hydrangea and a turquoise “M” on it… like you said, it’s “modern”, and those colours and be used any time of the year as far as I know.

  4. runtspickins
    runtspickins at · Reply

    Too funny! Wreaths really do seem like a big thing here in the US! I have two wreaths. I don’t know if I want one for every OCCASION, but every season would be pretty cool. The only thing is my style or idea of how I want to decorate changes all the time and I might not want to use the wreath I made last year, this year. I have a Fall one that is up on my door now and I have an American Flag one that goes up in the Summer. That one is probably my favorite. I have seen where people will cover a straw wreath in burlap and all of the other decor is not on there permanently, so they will always have a base wreath but can change out the accessories. That beats having to store twenty different wreaths!
    Anyway, your wreath turned out great!

  5. Abby
    Abby at · Reply

    I think seasonal decorating has gone to far, on the whole! I made a wreath one Christmas and I’ve never taken it down (it’s not Christmassy), but that’s it. In NYC you don’t see a lot of wreaths, except at Christmas. They’d probably get stolen!

  6. now at home mom
    now at home mom at · Reply

    ha!ha! you are so funny and cute Alex! I know, we don’t see many wreaths over here either 😉 I started preparing mine last week and forgot about it (again), hope to finish it this week. unfortunately I don’t have a wreath for every occasion but you know me I might have to get one for each occasion ha!ha! love yours and that you call it modern because it is 🙂 & I love it because it’s Canadian (we don’t see many of those) 🙂

  7. Stacey
    Stacey at · Reply

    First… your wreath is super cute. Love how you find ways to use what you have.
    It’s minimal, modern, and clean. (which you know I love)

    Second… I have no idea why wreaths are a big deal here in the U.S. WTF! I walk into a craft store and get “wreathed to death”. And some of them are so HIDEOUS! Who is buying this stuff?

    I personally don’t do the wreath thing and I’m thinking I may have to move to Canada because I don’t get it either, Alex. At Christmas I hang “something” on my front door but it’s usually a swag or a pretty branch or something OTHER than a wreath. And that’s the only holiday I bother. I see people in my neighborhood hang wreaths for Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day. Who’s got the time? And where do these people store all this crap? (laughing).

    This was funny and made me laugh at the absurdity of it. But the bottom line is when your sweet daughter asks for a pretty decorated porch and door… you just have to ROCK that! Great job.

  8. Jennifer @ Brave New Home
    Jennifer @ Brave New Home at · Reply

    I love your wreath!

    Okay, American blogger weighing in on your question. I love wreaths and am amassing a collection quite rapidly. For me, in my part of the world, we don’t have seasons. I’m planning a trip and read the weather report. Thunderstorms. Then I realized I don’t really own any closed toe shoes. That’s how little weather we have.

    So I like to stick a wreath on my door to signify the changing seasons. Can’t speak for other parts of the country where they do actually have seasons. That’s the only explanation I got. Gotta go, my birthday is coming up and I’m wreathless…

  9. Gilit
    Gilit at · Reply

    Haha love the Canadian spin. I’m surprised there are no hockey sticks or T Hortons logos on it to be honest. I’ve never made a wreath in my life but I wonder if it stems from something religious because I never see anyone Jewish with a wreath for any occasion.

  10. Pillows A-La-Mode
    Pillows A-La-Mode at · Reply

    I love yours! And yes, I have quite a few . . . and I’m making one right now . . .

  11. Danielle from Storypiece
    Danielle from Storypiece at · Reply

    Love the wreath and love your daughter’s spirit. Too bad we don’t live closer, Tess could be her favorite babysitter… hanging out and crafting the night away.

    This post also reminds me that I need to get my fall wreath out. True… it’s my favorite wreath of the year. 🙂 I only own three wreaths and I haven’t crafted any of them so I think we can still be friends.

  12. Victoria • Restoring our Victorian
    Victoria • Restoring our Victorian at · Reply

    Allow me to explain to you the evolution of wreaths:
    1- first there was Martha.
    2- then there were blogs.
    3- then there was Pinterest.

    I expect four will be crafting cagematches.

  13. Dria
    Dria at · Reply

    😉 I love your wreath esp love the Maple Leaf to prove it’s Canadian too funny! Being from the US I can vouch we do put wreaths up for the different seasons always have and yup I have my American Flag on my front porch it stays out all year long! Welcome to the wreath group it’s nice to have you with us lol!

  14. Becky
    Becky at · Reply

    Dude! Thank you!

    I thought I was alone in this regard. Having never had the urge to contort stuff into wreath shape I thought I was a failure as a crafting blogger. Now I see it just ain’t so!

    I shared this post with a bunch of FB friends south of the border. All of them were flabbergasted at our general disinterest in wreaths! 🙂

    Thanks for the morning giggle!


  15. Sharon
    Sharon at · Reply

    Hey, I’m in the usa, I change out wreaths pretty much just like you said, except I put up a wreath for each holiday at the beginning of that month usually, say valentines day wreath (& usually flag too) goes up about feb 1st and so on. Call me crazy but I enjoy the change in colors! Thanks for the fun ‘outsider look : )

  16. Time With Thea
    Time With Thea at · Reply

    I am Canadian and I love wreaths. I have made one for every month of the year. Why? As a busy working mother I love to craft but don’t have a lot of time or energy at the end of a busy work day. Making a wreath every so often was a way of meeting my crafty urges because it was a project I could complete in a short amount of time. The issue becomes how to store all of the wreaths??? Oh well. ~Thea

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  19. Susan Fletcher
    Susan Fletcher at · Reply

    When I lived in an apartment in downtown Toronto, one day I accidently got off the elevator on the wrong floor — where EVERY DOOR had a wreath or other decor! Was I glad I lived on the “don’t have to compete with the neighbours” floor!

    Now I have a simple Christmas wreath from Walmart, I stick candy canes in it, and add a note that welcomes friends and visitors to have one. Does this make me the apartment that other neighbours have to keep up with???

  20. Cheryl
    Cheryl at · Reply

    HA! This just cracks me up. I have never been a wreath maker or buyer but you are right – it is THE thing to do every time there’s a major holiday. So says Pinterest.

    I love your modern Canadian wreath. I’m almost inspired to make one but our front porch isn’t covered so I’m sure the felt maple leaves would look quite sad after a few drops of rain. That or I’d have lots of red dye water running down our front door.

  21. Patricia Thair
    Patricia Thair at · Reply

    I make wreaths for all seasons and holidays I love them they signify love and friendship and welcoming. I have made a Canada 150 bday wreath I’m taking orders for. Sales have been slow, I don’t understand it

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