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  1. Gilit
    Gilit at · Reply

    You make me wish I celebrated Halloween. That pumpkin and those costumes are amazing! Didja pull out the sewing machine after all?

  2. thousandislandsmama
    thousandislandsmama at · Reply

    Look at you go! I love the attention to detail…and you are so right, Alice is a truly wonderful story.

  3. saigewisdom
    saigewisdom at · Reply

    so great Alex, that Cheshire cat pumpkin is perfection. I definitely did not do anything close to meeting these standards – there’s always my next life. xo

  4. Green Door Hospitality
    Green Door Hospitality at · Reply

    Really turned out fantastic Alex!!!

  5. Victoria • Restoring our Victorian
    Victoria • Restoring our Victorian at · Reply

    That. Is. Awesome. And you KNOW I mean that.

    My favorite is the trunk set up… It is so perfect, and so obviously from Alice.
    The black pumpkins are fantastic. I guess you will tell us what you painted them with?

  6. Christine
    Christine at · Reply

    Totally AWESOME Alex!!! Every little touch is perfect!! Adore!

  7. Danielle from Storypiece
    Danielle from Storypiece at · Reply

    I LOVE this theme! All of the details that you put into it are incredible and create such a spooky effect without being your traditional spiders and witches. Well done! I hope your girls are starting to get into all of this as much as you are.

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