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  1. Moe a.k.a.@biggirlblue
    Moe a.k.a.@biggirlblue at · Reply

    Ok, these are amazing. What closet couldn’t use some of these. This is probably a stupid question but what is “drop cloth”? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Inspire Me Heather
    Inspire Me Heather at · Reply

    Your storage boxes look great Alex! Perfectfor making your own size to fit wherever. I think they would look good in grey felt too!!

  3. Lynne Knowlton
    Lynne Knowlton at · Reply

    Before the fabric goes on … They would make great light boxes for photographs too !! Right ? Right 🙂

  4. Jan
    Jan at · Reply

    Perfect timing! I just read a post about organizing my fabric stash and I can build these boxes to just fit the shelves I have for the fabric.
    The only thing I would add is a label. Either a hang tag tied to the handle, or I think there are little chalkboard tags with adhesive on the back—or they could be glued— to the front and then changed as the contents change.
    Love this. So glad you had this problem to solve. Excellent solution.

  5. Midsommarflicka
    Midsommarflicka at · Reply

    Oh, I love how they look! Such a nice style!

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  6. Tania
    Tania at · Reply

    Oho! Now these look sharp!

    I love storage boxes/ bins/ baskets and am always on the lookout for cool diy versions. How sturdy would you say these are? I want to make toy boxes to go under our bookshelves, but I wonder whether they would be able to withstand a 9-month old who likes to prop herself up on everything she sees… eh, probably not. But for something out of her reach… genius!!

  7. Andrea@personallyandrea
    Andrea@personallyandrea at · Reply

    Way to make great use of your closet space Alex. Closets are my Achilles heel…grrrr!

  8. Victoria • Restoring our Victorian
    Victoria • Restoring our Victorian at · Reply

    So smart! I have a project I have been wanting to try with drop cloths… (Which maybe I will get around to in the next five years,) have you tried washing them? I see some people have done the have wondered how it turned out?

    1. Katherine M
      Katherine M at · Reply

      We wash the drop clothes I covered the patio furniture with (to keep the new cushions from getting yucky from blowing pollen) and they turned out perfectly clean and fresh. Just had to re-drape them (and tuck and tie) them back onto the patio furniture and they looked (and felt) as good as new.

  9. Jo-Anna@APrettyLife
    Jo-Anna@APrettyLife at · Reply

    These are SO great! I’ve never thought to make my own…SO much better!!

  10. fynesdesigns
    fynesdesigns at · Reply

    These look awesome Alex! Great project. Looove the leather handles!

  11. Lauren @ The Thinking Closet
    Lauren @ The Thinking Closet at · Reply

    I think you might be giving IKEA a run for their money with these. Who would’ve guessed that you could create such chic home storage with foam board?! (Clearly, you did!)

  12. Margaret
    Margaret at · Reply

    Um… seriously. A-MAZ-ING!!!

  13. penny g
    penny g at · Reply

    how about scotch guarding them? you can buy the scotch guard in a spray can in walmart…

  14. Jan
    Jan at · Reply

    Love it and it is fantastic… been out shopping and couldn’t find any to fit or they were tooooo expensive!!
    Thanks for saving my pocket-book!!

  15. Shanice
    Shanice at · Reply

    Such a fantastic idea! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams, starts on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.

  16. thelearnerobserver
    thelearnerobserver at · Reply

    You are a DIY genius and I love your brains! Also, thanks a MILLION for the info on what binding screws are called at the hardware stores! Life saver!

  17. Yasmina
    Yasmina at · Reply

    I really need to try this out!
    So clever !!

  18. Frenchy
    Frenchy at · Reply

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your idea (did I mention I love it?!) I will steal it, without any remorse or shame, because that is EXACTLY what I was looking for, for my own ‘tardis’ cupboard where my family and I store everything and which has driven me crazy over the years. I have found the solution thanks to you. 🙂

  19. Denise McWhorter
    Denise McWhorter at · Reply

    Hoping to get with my daughter-in-law to make some of these. I need someone to help me along. lol But she is such a craft person and she loves to stay busy! Thanks for your blog of ideas! Keep them coming. They are inspirational.

  20. Desiree
    Desiree at · Reply

    This is perfect and will save me so much money! Thank you! Love love this!

  21. Candy
    Candy at · Reply

    I think you did a great job and I am off to make these.

  22. Jaisri Parthasarathy
    Jaisri Parthasarathy at · Reply

    Hi. Love the box idea. Just want to know how they have held up? Are they strong enough to withstand the constant pulling and pushing?

    Thanks, Jai

  23. Whizzy
    Whizzy at · Reply

    Hallelujah!! I’ve been wanting to figure out how to utilize one of those shoe cubbies that have something like 30 cubicles that are long but narrow & short to serve as a storage system for my smaller sewing/quilting supplies and notions as well as fat quarters but haven’t been able to find anything in stores that would even remotely fit in the individual shoe cubby holes. I was thinking of making fabric storage boxes but didn’t want to really go to the effort of figuring out seams, etc. I want something really fast that I can knock out quick & this fits the bill perfectly. Now I can buy the shoe cubbies & know that I can have boxes to put in each hole/cube for storage. I’ll try and post pictures of my DIY project and make sure to give you credit!

  24. Jessica Deziel
    Jessica Deziel at · Reply

    Very impressive, I am so excited. I have not been able to find those perfect boxes that don’t cost a lot of money. I think I am making my own now. Thank you for the idea!

  25. Judy McClelland
    Judy McClelland at · Reply

    Very nice. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Caroline Knox
    Caroline Knox at · Reply

    There are awesome! How think is the board?

  27. Jessica
    Jessica at · Reply

    Oh My Gosh! This is a life saver! My dad wanted to get rid of an old wood shelf and my dad said he would turn it into whatever I needed, I gave him the measurements for the standard cube storage size so I could go to any store and buy cute baskets, well he decided they needed to be bigger..16×11…there’s no baskets that are crazy tall like this haha I will have to make my own. Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial!

  28. Kim Santillo
    Kim Santillo at · Reply

    I want to thank you for these instructions!!! I have a 3 cubby shelf that have odd shaped cubbies. I have been searching for the perfect DIY, and now I found it!!!! I can’t wait to make them.

  29. Shelia P Kreick
    Shelia P Kreick at · Reply

    This is the best tute! I don’t usually take the time to comment but you did a great job! I have seen MANY other foam board ideas and thought “no way” and I’m an all around crafter and woodworker. The duct tape idea is perfect for strength and I use drop cloth for many projects. I will definitely be doing this… I’m consumed with the possibilities!! Thank you so much for the inspiration and tutorial!!

  30. Bharti
    Bharti at · Reply

    Hey thanks for the post.I found your post very useful to me in such a messy mind and time of mine.I just organised my cabinet with cardboard boxes and removed all hangers as i have small space. Your Styrofoam box organisers are simple and mess-free and more durable than cardboard boxes.😊👍

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