Make your own bike streamers

Make your own bike streamers

It’s almost week 3 of summer and operation Occupy My Restless Kids is in full effect. Almost every day there is some craft or activity that we do just so I don’t have to hear “Mom I’m bored” which about as grating on the ears “Mom I’m hungry”. I’ll take bored. I hate cooking in the kitchen in the heat of the summer.

Who am I kidding, I hate cooking.

So yesterday we made bike streamers.

For these you’ll need:

– wooden golf tees

– eye screws

– rubber gloves

– thumbtack

– ribbons of your choice (I recommend grosgrain as satin tends to fray more – but you can always heat seal or glue the ends to prevent fraying)

bike streamer supplies

Now most bike streamers that are sold come with this sexy plastic piece of crap. The kids pull off the streamers and I’ve had more pairs break that I can count.

old part bike streamer

In which case I went looking for something sturdier that could slide into the handle bars and when I came across the golf tees at my local Dollarama I thought there we go.

So take your golf tee and a thumbtack and put that thumbtack ALL the way down to into the golf tee. This well help you screw in your eye screw.

making bike streamers  (2)

Next get on your rubber gloves and screw in the eye screw.

You can try to do this without rubber gloves but it’s kind of like asking to walk around with a welted bruised thumb for the next week so this helps you to screw in the eye screw easily.

making bike streamers  (3)

making bike streamers  (4)

The kids picked out which ribbons they wanted to use and we threaded them through.

I used 20″ (51 cm) of ribbon per each streamer.

I have a massive ribbon collection and wind up re-using everything. I am never going to wind up using up that rainbow ribbon. I should do a giveaway.

making bike streamers  (6)

making bike streamers  (5)

making bike streamers

DIY bike streamers-001

Stick then into the handlebars and you’re good to go! I tried this out on 3 different bike sizes from a tricycle to a big kid bike and they all fit.

make your own bike streamers

bike steamers

bike streamers

DIY - bike streamers

And then you get to keep your kids outside to burn energy.

Happy Kids, Sane Mother.

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