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  1. Kate
    Kate at · Reply

    Genius, Alex! Love these… And never mind the kids, I’m thinking a bling combination of neon pink and silver for my own genteel ladies’ shopper; Something to raise eyebrows when I go to the store…

  2. Victoria β€’ Restoring our Victorian
    Victoria β€’ Restoring our Victorian at · Reply

    Kate read my mind. Also, those will be good for when I’m ready for a walker. I plan to be one of those old ladies who don’t know the time for leopard pants is past…

    As always, adorable and creative. And easy!

  3. Tara @ Suburble
    Tara @ Suburble at · Reply

    This is fantastic! I love the golf-tee hack – how clever (and we have a living tonne of these all over the house). Now I just have to pick our some fabulous ribbon. I’m sure Lila would prefer Hello Kitty… and I’d want something turquoise. πŸ˜‰

  4. ScrapAndSalvage
    ScrapAndSalvage at · Reply

    very clever, alex!! and they look smashing. bet your daughters love them!!!

  5. Danielle
    Danielle at · Reply

    Alex… this is so smart! And bonus points for doing something original that hasn’t been done a gazillion times on Pinterest. I love the girls could customize them and even change them out when they get dirty or just tired of the colors they picked. Awesome project!!

  6. Heather
    Heather at · Reply

    Amazing! I don’t have a kiddo old enough to ride a bike, so I’m making these for my own. πŸ™‚

  7. fynesdesigns
    fynesdesigns at · Reply

    Very cute! I got Ruby’s bike at Value Village- its girly (but from 1990-and cost $3) could use a new splash of glam. Great idea!!

  8. Alexandria
    Alexandria at · Reply

    Both my kids are super excited about making these. πŸ™‚

  9. Laura@live-love-scrap
    Laura@live-love-scrap at · Reply

    What a creative idea!! So cute, too! Makes me wanna get out golf tees and ribbons- and I don’t even have a girl!

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  11. rita0830
    rita0830 at · Reply

    Such a great idea, I dont know why I never thought of this. My daughters streamers are old and mostly all gone, I will be doing this. Thank you! If you get a chance, please link up to my linky party: http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/07/sunday-linky-18.html

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  13. jen
    jen at · Reply

    These are so fun! I’ve made them for a May Arts ribbon hop- it will be up Aug. 20- linked back to you of course! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration- and yes, I too plan to make some for MY bike! Lol!!

  14. Janis in ID
    Janis in ID at · Reply

    Came here from Jen’s May Arts project. Absolutely fun and pretty project. Thanks for the how-to!!
    <3 J

  15. Becky
    Becky at · Reply

    Such a fantastic idea, now to raid my Dad’s toolbox for eye screws πŸ˜‰

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  18. Steph@The SillyPearl (@Steph2Pigs)
    Steph@The SillyPearl (@Steph2Pigs) at · Reply

    These are seriously (seriously!) the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait to do this for my girls hand-me-down bikes!

  19. Hilloree
    Hilloree at · Reply

    Such an easy project! Thanks for sharing. My grandkids will love this!

  20. Amanda
    Amanda at · Reply

    You just saved my butt. I just bought my 4yo daughter a scooter for her birthday and ripped the tassel off of one handle.
    It’s attached differently. Razor attaches their streamers with a bungee cord that threads through the handle. I think if I cut off a piece of dowel and put an eyescrew in both ends, it will work.

  21. Melissa
    Melissa at · Reply

    Thank you for having properly fitting helmets on your kids. Oh, and for the tutorial.

  22. jeanette tillery
    jeanette tillery at · Reply

    This is an awesome idea and like you I am tasked with what to do with the kids on every holiday. But I would rather have the projects with kids over COOKING any day! I am organizing a bike parade for my police department and wanted to decorate bikes, but thought it would be far to costly as well as tedious. This will be neither, but will be a HUGE hit for the kids while mm and dad get the kiddos registered. So thanks for this and keep up the good work.

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