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  1. Stacey
    Stacey at · Reply

    This look delicious, Alex! Love the idea of using good ‘ole crackers for the “crust”. Seems simple enough that even I could do this. (baking loser that I am) I’m sure it tastes even better than it looks. Watch out HIPS… here it comes.

    P.S. The beautiful arrangement of them on the pretty white plate is magazine worthy. Not a drop on that white plate… not even a crumb. PERFECTION! (gotta love that in a photo) Great job.

  2. Victoria Elizabeth
    Victoria Elizabeth at · Reply

    I don’t remember the last time I ate Skor bars—but I LOVE them.
    Those look delicious, and are probably better for you than whatever unpronounceable ingredients are in the original. (Although, as I was typing “those look delicious” I was asking myself what DOESN’T taste delicious with a cup of butter combined with sugar?)

    That looks like the kind of cookie you don’t even want to tell people how you made it… like, when they say—wow, this is delicious! You just nod and smile to let them think you spent hours baking… instead of breaking out some saltines.

    p.s.-I didn’t catch your awesome food-photography until I went back and double-checked Stacey’s comments. And I too was like, wow! There really is not a crumb in sight.

  3. now at home mom
    now at home mom at · Reply

    YAY! I know what I’m doing tomorrow after breakfast 🙂 I already have chocolate chips , hum but I’m missing soda crackers, ok , I will get them tomorrow 🙂 I have to make these and might consider sharing them 😉 thanks for sharing and as a gift these are perfect! 🙂

  4. the home tome
    the home tome at · Reply

    I meant to comment on this the other day, but I drowned in my own saliva (okay, that was gross but you get the point that I was a tad overwhelmed.) SKOR bars are my FAVORITE – I had one the other day! I will definitely be trying this…:)

  5. April
    April at · Reply

    These are so good!!!! Thanks for the step by step, I need that!!! Going to make them this week. You’re awesome!

  6. Danielle
    Danielle at · Reply

    Guess who bought crackers today for the specific purpose of making these tasty treats?! I’ll let you know how it goes… they look amazing! Plus, I love how you packaged them up to share with others. Such a great idea.

  7. Danielle
    Danielle at · Reply

    So we made these tonight with Milk Chocolate and Semi-sweet Chocolate. Good gravy…. they are SO incredible! And crazy easy to make. The family liked it with the milk chocolate, but I like the semi-sweet chocolate. Thanks again for sharing. These will definitely be in our regular rotation.

  8. Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc.
    Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc. at · Reply

    Whoa, that looks amazing!!! gotta try it!

  9. God Does Reassemble Shattered Pieces
    God Does Reassemble Shattered Pieces at · Reply

    I have made this 2 times now and it is wonderful! I use EnerG crackers that are Gluten Free making it a Gluten Free dessert. So very Simple. Love it!

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