No Candy Valentines

No Candy Valentines

This is going to be short but sweet.

The best item my daughter ever received in a loot bag was a reusable straw. Seriously I’ve already warned my friend I am completely stealing her idea and using it in a future birthday bag of my own. One cute little straw amidst the other trinkets in that bag and we still have it, use it and not spend money on more disposable straws. I still remember seeing the stainless steel straws on Oprah and I thought “Now that I would pay money for.”

So when it came time to this years School Valentine’s cards and treats, because of the Peanut Free rule at my daughter’s school, we made up a bunch of Valentine’s to give out with re-usable swirly straws. An inedible Valentine but fun all the same.

School Valentine Treat

no candy valentine

The font on the label is called LoveNess. I am a font nut so I have to know what fonts people use in crafts.

No Candy Valentine Treat (3)

In case you’ve noticed a swirl discrepancy, the ones with the regular swirls are for the boys and the ones with the hearts in them are for the girls. I took an informal poll out of all my friends who had boys to see which they’d prefer and it was split 50/50 with answers such as “Eww a heart, that’s for girls” to “Whatever Mom”. My daughter however insisted that quote “Tyler would only like the regular swirly straw”.

All I got from that was “Who’s Tyler?”