northstory notes - January 10, 2014

northstory notes – January 10, 2014

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Sometimes you read a post that knocks you off your feet. This is one of those times.

I was introduced virtually on the social media chaos that is Twitter by my mentor and friend Lynne Knowlton to Cate Moore and her blog TRU Vitality. Every time Cate tweets something it makes me think. She speaks with such kindness and uplifting mannerisms that it’s like finding a gem stone in a sea of angry tweets about liquor, lost loves and giveaways.

And trust me, I am at fault in there. The daily grind of every day life, the isolation of the suburbs, restless kids cooped up indoors during winter and chores that never seem to end. All that adds up. I mean just doing a school drop off in -40 windchill mixed with a blizzard plus an angry toddler can set your day back by 12 hours because of the mood change that happens to you by 9 am when that occurs.

The funny thing is, I read her post in December. Even commented on it. I thought I got it. But then Cate re-tweeted it yesterday and I read it again. And again. And I don’t know why but this time, after all my reflecting about where I want this year to go in my last post, it registered with me more than ever. Because this time, I am determined to follow through on all the times before I said “Enough” and never actually did.

Because I said it in the summer. Then Fall and Christmas season took over and suddenly the hurricane started again. And once you’re in there, it’s hard to stop until something makes you stop.

So today (that would be yesterday by this blog entry’s time) I lived “dolce far niente” and I put down the laundry, the vacuum and shut off the oven. And I had a date with daughter. Who in turn gave my hair a makeover as I sat there in blissful silence. And she was very happy the results of her experiment.

styling moms hair

Sure I have more laundry. The house is still a mess. But I never would have gotten this photo and time with her had I not “done nothing”.

Go read her post. Read it again. And try it out.

In this week’s northstory notes:

Do you ever think about your future self and how you will age? Design Mom posted a great piece on this.

I am obviously the last person alive who hasn’t discovered Studio DIY but given my unhealthy addiction to making projects in bright colours, where has she been all my life?

Eye candy central from Omiyage Blogs.

This year I am determined to get something copper into our home and this DIY light I adore. As I do this one.

And more copper love.

Mandi wrote a thought provoking piece at how Pinterest has changed in the past year. And the results and commentary will surprise you.

And this was my belated Christmas present to myself. The RANARP pendant light. And they have more than just the pendant light.

Have a great Friday!