northstory notes - Nov 29, 2013

northstory notes – Nov 29, 2013

Hello fellow US blogging friends!

I just wanted to tell everyone out there that I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving and I now look forward to you all joining the rest of us crazy Canucks in the Christmas season that is underway for half of us, who I must confess are already knee deep in decorating and crafting. And some like myself are re-decorating their Christmas tree after half the lights died a week after it was fully decorated.

This is because we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. And then just go full steam into the glitter and Bailey’s in your coffee season.

The coffee and Bailey’s are used to warm me up when I do projects in my garage. My husband will appreciate me saying it’s my garage because all of my projects have literally taken over his work bench. And the garage floor. So there is nowhere to park the car. You don’t need a car in the suburbs do you?

painting white branches

But in honour of US Thanksgiving I’d like to give thanks to one of my favourite reasons to be thankful for when it comes to this blog and that’s my friend and web designer Stacey.

She blogs over at A Goode House where her and her husband are renovating a gorgeous mid-century modern home and anything and everything that is done on here, that remotely functions on here or looks the way it does is thanks to her.

We met innocently enough through our blogs and it shows you the power of this medium. In the sense that without it, there’s a good chance our paths never would have crossed in real life. Who knew a mutual love for mid century furniture would have led me to someone who is now not only a friend, but who would have designed my header and saved my CSS challenged self many times over. Never underestimate what is under a bloggers outer shell. This is why I always tell people, take the conversations off of the pages of the comments section of a blog. You need good friends who blog that you can chat with outside of all of this to help you navigate it all.

So Stacey, Thank You for all that you have do and continue to do for me! If anyone out there ever needs a website re-design or help with a blog migration, she does this in addition to her insanely good sheetrocking skills. Yes I just made that word up. Though sheetrock is a real thing. In Canada we call it drywall. It’s the little differences that make our countries unique to each other despite being next door. Sort of like Thanksgiving being in different months.

But on that note, remember when you’re out shopping this weekend in the lunatic crowds of Black Friday (which has migrated to Canada by the way)…

no bloody swearing

In this week’s northstory notes:

If you’re not reading A Storefront Life, you should be. They’re a couple who live in and are renovating a 100 year old Storefront Conversion in downtown Toronto.

I am always looking for easy Christmas treat recipes and this bark fits that bill perfectly.

Paper trees that are just incredible.

Pink Little Notebook made an amazing Wood Veneer Pendant light.

I am getting dangerously close to giving in to this whole washi tape epidemic thanks to crafts like this.

Speaking of my friend Stacey, she recently redesigned the online home of the talented Natalie from La gang à Nat – go say hello!

If you haven’t made an Advent Calendar, this one is a really great idea.

Salted Chocolate Caramel Pecan candies. Do I need to say more?

My growing obsession with copper isn’t being helped by this stunning DIY copper pipe Advent Candle wreath.

Just discovered Nicole Tarasick’s pillows. Canadiana love!

We have these shelves all over our living room so I love this hack of them.

And sometimes the best holiday decorations are the simplest most endearing ones.

Happy Weekend everyone!