northstory notes - Nov 8, 2013

northstory notes – Nov 8, 2013

Hey Season of Fall, how are you? Nice of you to show up. I can finally wear some cozy sweaters and scarves.

The only pet peeve I have is how quickly you’ve taken away the gorgeous red leaves on our Autumn Blaze Maple tree we planted in our backyard almost 2 years ago.

Autumn Blaze Maple tree leaves

Nature needs to invent a tree that has leaves like that all year round. Not just for 3 weeks out of it. But enough about the colder weather.

You know what I want to talk about today? Something I love and that is shout outs from other bloggers.

No really. Everyone thinks what’s the big deal, we all link up to each other?

Umm, it’s a huge deal each and every time. Have you seen how many Home Decor, DIY, Craft, Lifestyle etc. bloggers there are out there these days? My Bloglovin Reader is rammed.


Every day hundreds of new voices press publish on the internet and join this mysterious blogging community. And to get your voice, your stories and your projects noticed in that sea of bloggers, is a feat on it’s own. So anytime someone thinks something I have written or done is worth sharing I want to thank them. Because that little hyperlink introduces your little corner of the internet to all the people that read their corner of the internet.

This past month alone I’ve had several bloggers link up to me in such a way that it blew my mind. Most recently Dani and Nads from Life Over Easy gave a whole bunch of Canadian bloggers a shout out in their Cityline Featured Blogger post no less. I mean you don’t get much more love than that.

I have also learned quickly over the short time I’ve been blogging, that bloggers that you love usually follow other bloggers that you’d probably enjoy reading as well. So if a blogger does a link up in their post to someone, go check them out. Chances are they’ve probably caught the eye of the blogger you love for a similar reason they may catch yours.

So this week I want to say thanks to some of those bloggers who did that for me recently – Lindsay, Lauren, Kelly, Linda, ThalitaJennifer and Kelly. Many thanks for paying it forward!

It is always appreciated. Always.

In this week’s northstory notes:

I am loving this card craft from Onelmon.

My Nordic Christmas decor loving self is really excited to see this.

Those famous cinnamon stick candles all over Pinterest. Have you made them? Here’s what Pintrosity had to say about them.

Birch tree branches are among my favourite so I love what Nalle did with them.

Got a DIY that went wrong? Mandi from Vintage Revivals wants to hear your story.

This is one of those craft ideas that you go “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

I want this sign in our basement.

Cute Christmas crafts do not get much cuter than this.

So this is what I should have done with the birthday banner turned birthday present garland wrap I made for my younger daughter’s birthday.

And because have started to develop an unhealthy obsession with lanterns, I leave you with this eye candy. And this one. And oh yes, this. And of course these.

Happy Weekend!