northstory notes - Oct 18, 2013

northstory notes – Oct 18, 2013

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Yesterday I was going over my complete mess of a Facebook news feed (I say mess because I never see half the blogs I follow on there anymore due to whatever mysterious algorithm formula they’ve changed to) and luckily – or serendipitously – I came across Brittany of Pretty Handy Girl‘s status update. She talked about a random act of kindness and it led to this awesome thread of stories of people who had their own great RAK’s to share.

So I emailed her to ask if she could she could share it here and this is what happened:

I was waiting at the pharmacy across from the checkout when I overheard a man tell the cashier, “I only have enough cash to pay for some of these. I accidentally left my credit cards at home.” I turned around and saw a father with his toddler daughter trying to figure out which things in his cart he’d have to put back. A flood of memories came back to me as I remembered those days struggling to keep my toddler happy while I quickly grabbed groceries. I imagined how frustrated I’d be if I had to put half my cart back. Meanwhile, the cashier painstakingly watched as he handed her another item to ring up and assess what the total would be. 
I stepped out of line at the grocery store and asked the father if I could pay for the rest of his groceries. I assured him it wasn’t a big deal and he could pay it forward someday. He smiled and told me he was all about paying it forward! He quickly rang up the rest of his groceries, and handed the cashier the remaining cash in his wallet (despite my offer for him to keep his $8.) Then I did what I imagine anyone else would have done in my shoes, and paid for the remaining tally. He thanked me and insisted on giving me a hug. 
He left with his daughter and groceries and I got back in line at the pharmacy with a warm happiness inside.

I know right? Because you’re thinking what I’m thinking after reading that. Pretty damn amazing. The world needs more people like Brittany.

So thank you for sharing your story Brittany! Now go check out her latest amazing creation, DIY Industrial Cupcake Stands – because I love a good wood slice project.

In this week’s northstory notes:

A rockstar pumpkin – damn all you bloggers making love gold accents.

Poppytalk shared Maple & Belmont‘s work and it is so, SO pretty.

YHL posted a great discussion of whether or not “Phase 1 Projects” are a waste of time. You know, the half update, makeover reno of a room before the full and total reno.

I am probably the last person left who is still planning on carving their pumpkin this Halloween but this takes it to another level.

I love these Crystal Ball Halloween candlesticks from Flamingo Toes.

Haunted House. Mermag. Do I need to say anymore?

If you really and I mean really want to scare the hell out of your guests for your Halloween party, just do this. Or possibly this. But if you do this, I don’t want to know what’s for dinner.

Having followed Amanda’s kitchen reno since it started, I think I am going to move into hers.

And if you’re a blogger, you need to read this post. It is one of the best posts about blogging I have read in a long time. I read it in a week where I was having a very bad blogging night and it really put things into perspective.