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  1. Gilit
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    I love northstory notes, I always “discover” something wonderful and new and the kindness theme ain’t bad either. Actually I was the recipient of a seemingly small act of kindness this week: I had Mia (baby) in the car and picked up Aiden (3) and he begged to go on a “trip” so we headed over to Target and it was just one of those days- Mia was cranky and miserable Aiden needed my attention right NoW and I felt all over the place. As I was getting them out of the car in the parking lot, my bag and all of its contents spilled out. Not a big deal but I was feeling so overwhelmed. There were cars everywhere and I had to make sure Aiden didn’t run in front of one while trying to soothe Mia and somehow get all of my crap off the ground while not getting hit by a car. This man stops his car in middle of the lot essentially blocking everyone, gets out and picks up my stuff for me. I was practically crying in gratitude. What mom hasn’t had one of those days where another pair of hands means the world? He just smiled, said “I have two granddaughters” got back in his car, and waited till we safely crossed and drove away. It was a big deal for me and helped me regain my composure and handle the rest of out trip without incident. I wish I had gotten his number or address or something but I guess I’ll just have to pay it forward 🙂

  2. Victoria • Restoring our Victorian
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    I am so in love with those candlesticks. But am actually trying to talk myself OUT of making them. The amount of running around it would require for me to collect even half of that stuff… Maybe next year!

    Off to explore the rest of the links.

  3. Shauna Oberg
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    Love ARK stories. My sister and her husband went to pay for a meal when they were out once and the waitress told them it had already been paid for. Apparently an older couple was out celebrating and wanted to do something nice- love it!

  4. Thalita - The Learner Observer
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    That story… woe!!!!!

    The rockstar pumpkin is awesome!
    Also, my house is ONE GIANT phase 1 project right now. Hello… we’re first time home buyers saving every penny for all the changes that need to be made. I live for phase 1 projects.

    K, Can I come live in that kitchen with you?

  5. now at home mom
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    just saw the pictures of her beautiful kitchen; wow! I want one of those too 🙂
    & nice story too
    have a fun weekend Alex! 🙂

  6. Dani @ lifeovereasy
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    Reading these stories reminds me that I really love people! I’ll share one – I got a little mixed up once shifting gears in my standard car driving up the steep spiral parking ramp into the Eatons Center. And then I panicked as the cars piled up behind me, all stuck on the ramp, so I really couldn’t think and just kind of froze. No one could move. Finally someone got out of their car and walked up to my window, and I thought “Great, someone is going to yell at me.” But instead it was a woman who said “Are you OK?” She saw I was a mess, and just turned around and MADE EVERYONE BACK UP DOWN THE SPIRAL RAMP, then went out and STOPPED YONGE STREET until everyone got out backwards and I was able to roll out, put the car in gear, and drive away. I think she was part angel.

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