northstory notes - Oct 4, 2013

northstory notes – Oct 4, 2013

Corn Fields

So. I had fully intended on writing up Parts 2 and 3 of my BlogPodium experience this week and the SheBlogs conference. But then a funny thing happened. The weather in the GTA thought it was August in October and completely messed up my Fall wardrobe. Though it did start to ripen my wall of green tomatoes in my garden.

This week’s highs were temps in the Mid 20’s. That’s Mid 70’s for our neighbours to the South.

That meant being indoors would be a crime. So apple picking was done. Corn field walks were taken. Bike riding happened. Halloween front porch decor projects started. And I am really and I mean really behind in making party decorations for my own daughter’s 3rd birthday this Sunday. And I’m not even having a party for her. That’s besides the point. I promised her a pink cake, with pink balloons, pink sprinkles, pink…etc. It needs to get done. Damn you weather. This will be a 48 hour blitz that I’ll have to blog about in a week or so.

But let’s get onto the best Random Act of Kindness I can think of that happened this past week.

Have you met Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff? Karen was the first blogger I ever followed. I don’t even remember what post led me to her blog but I remember laughing so hard that I kept clicking through entries and pressed Follow instantly in my now defunct WordPress Reader. It wasn’t til I was reading her blog for over a month that I thought hey let’s go see her bio page. And I couldn’t believe I hadn’t even clued in that she was the Karen from my TV screen, who had hosted so many different TV shows over here in Canada. We even had at one point in time worked at the same TV station but our paths never crossed because we were in different departments at different times.

For the record working in television can be best expressed in this quote by my friend Michelle – “It is like being in a dysfunctional, abusive relationship. Every time you try and get out, it sucks you back in even when you know better.” That my friends is TV. If your children one day come to you and go “Oh my God I want to be on TV! I want to be a producer and work with famous people” tell them to STFU and go to medical school. No really. If you can survive a phone call to a New York publicist trying to get an EPK for a story you’re working on, you can make it through anything in your life. Anything. You have not seen it all until you work behind the scenes in television. I can’t even try to explain it. Just go ask a friend to attend their yearly Christmas party at the closest network affiliate TV station you’ve got and get back to me.

So now of course I adored her even more because having worked in the same profession as me, I saw her as someone who changed career directions and made a successful name for herself and her blog who in her own words, and rightly so, has become a commodity online. People love her. They read her advice and they try her DIY’s. She’s real. She makes you laugh. And she doesn’t play into the whole BS “rules of blogging success” game. She just writes what she wants, does her own stuff and people found her and followed her because she is awesome.

Needless to say when I saw her name on the BlogPodium Speakers list for the Art of Monetization, I basically cracked out my Visa and spent a week’s worth of grocery money to go hang onto her every word.

And she gave one of the funniest and most useful presentations of the day. How to make money, what to do to build your readership, what you should never settle for and most importantly why bloggers need to start talking to each other about their incomes and what they make off ads, sponsored posts and so forth. Because what that does is prevents other bloggers from being taken advantage of by companies and being undersold.

For Example:

BlogPodium notes

After the presentation was over, I did the whole photo op with her where we swapped business cards. And given that Halloween is coming up, it’s quite hilarious that I am holding her awesome book mark with the cleaver in my hand. Only because it’s Halloween. Not because of some twisted metaphorical reason. And I am mentioning it because I know you’re going to notice that.

PS – I warned you I am freakishly tall.

BlogPodium Notes me and Karen

But all that is just the middle of the cake.

The icing is after BlogPodium she posted a blog entry where I just did my regular reader comment and said thanks for taking the time to meet me.

And then she did this:

A&K convo

Do I even need to say more?

I mean come on now. When you’re one of Canada’s Top Bloggers, writing that to your audience for a new blogger like myself is beyond awesome. This situation is made even more serendipitous seeing as the supplies I ordered to make the business cards from came from Lee Valley Tools, a company that Karen has just started working with as a Contributor for their newsletter. All of which neither of us knew about.

You know what that means? I now have an overdue DIY post on how I made them to get done and written up on here. As soon as I get all the spray glue adhesive that I used to make them off my hands.

But seriously Karen thank you. When you start your blog consults, sign me up.

In this week’s northstory notes:

I accidentally discovered Skoope Home‘s shop this week via my friend Gilit from Shoes Off Please on Instagram. I mean damn. Go buy something!

As if you need to encourage my Halloween decor and craft habit, Modge Podge Rocks made these.

I am trying to do a gothic Alice In Wonderland style porch for Halloween this year and when I saw Jo-Anna’s wreath I thought now that would work.

I have a deep love for all things wood grain and natural wood and this IKEA hack is so something I would do. If I could master the miter saw in the garage.

Censational Girl is giving away some really beautiful tea towels. Go Enter!

All Things Simple made pumpkins out of sweater sleeves that are ridiculously cute.

I should make plans to have a Halloween party and these should be how I do the invites.

My friend Victoria needs no introduction but this last post I think I woke up the kids with my laughter while reading. The pictures alone. I mean my God woman can I hire you to be my PR?

Happy Weekend!