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  1. fiammisday
    fiammisday at · Reply

    This is a fantastic party!! Your daughter is lucky!!!

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      Thank you! I am now making up lost sleep hours.

  2. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes
    Victoria Elizabeth Barnes at · Reply

    I feel like I just ran a marathon!! All your decorations came out so beautifully!! Every detail is absolutely charming.

    You clearly possess a characteristic I can relate to – intense focus on one idea/thing/concept that may or may not be deserving of late-nights and frustration. And I’m curious what your husband thought while watching you pull this off? Paul would have thought the end result was great but that the stress was not worth it. (Although this may be because I handle stress by turning into a zombie. A very mean zombie…)

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      No joke, his exact words after the party was over was “We’re not doing that again.” It was chaos. A complete tornado of rainbows, kids, cake, heat, guests and then just like that it’s gone. I don’t mind the crafting part (you can ask any of friends about my neurosis when it comes to their birthday presents – the ribbons must match the card and wrapping and present themes – I have always been this particular when it comes to attention to details) but I told my daughter, next year, she’s allowed 5 guests. She turns 6 so it’s her + 5. That way it won’t be as overwhelming of a guest list. We’ll see how that flies with the grandparents.

  3. anu
    anu at · Reply

    Oh, you have done such a big and great job! I have absolutely no idea how long would it take to prepare a party like that, but it seems that isn’t something you do in a couple of days. But I think that a smile on your daughter’s face will make you forget all the hard work done! 🙂

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      I can honestly say the planning/buying/prep and crafting started mid-July and her birthday was the end of August. I think my wedding didn’t get this much attention (who am I kidding…)

  4. Kelly
    Kelly at · Reply

    The pictures of her reaction made ME so happy, and she’s not even my child. Well done, mama!!

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      That’s so sweet! She was a complete spazz when she saw it. Her fidgeting with her shorts was the equivalent of Thumper in Bambie.

  5. Leah
    Leah at · Reply

    Wow, all of your rainbow touches look great! I can’t even imagine how much time and energy all of this took. Great job!!

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      The kids were gone for a week. It was like a week long Craft Wars only I was the only competitor for 7 days straight.

      1. Leah
        Leah at · Reply

        Very impressive!! 🙂

  6. Iris Interiors LLC
    Iris Interiors LLC at · Reply

    The decorations and food look amazing. I admire your hard work. I remember the birthday party days all too well.

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      Just for that, I think an adult birthday party craft is in order for yourself! 😉

  7. stanleycottagegarden
    stanleycottagegarden at · Reply

    great looking party… makes me think wistfully of the paper mâché Pikachu Piñata I made several years ago… 🙂

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      How many tries did it take it you to make it? Any pics? If you do it again, blog about it! 🙂

  8. Danielle
    Danielle at · Reply

    NICE!! Your daughters expression was priceless and the yard looked AMAZING! So glad she loved it and you all can savor the effort that you put into everything. I totally dig the lollipop tree! My daughter always says “that’s so un-rainbow” when something sucks. This is VERY rainbow!

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      Tell your daughter I am stealing that line!

  9. Gilit
    Gilit at · Reply

    WOW! It looks amazing and sounds like it was really successful (happy child=success). Good point about not everyone being obsessed with Pinterest..I forget that

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      I’m not exaggerating, most people didn’t have any clue what it was. The ones that did, are blog/AT readers. We get so caught up in the idea that something is so “overdone” or “cool or not” that we forget sometimes that not everyone has the luxury (because it is a luxury in many ways) to read blogs, to scour Pinterest or have the time to do a craft/party etc. b/c there is such a thing as real life that comes first. If your kid(s) want a Star Wars theme and people are like oh everyone’s done that. Really? Everyone? Including the first time mom who hasn’t yet planned her newborns first birthday never mind his 5th.

      1. Gilit
        Gilit at · Reply

        I hope I remember to keep that in mind the next time I do something from Pinterest!

  10. cheryl
    cheryl at · Reply

    My Lord, that is a big bunch of awesomeness!! And how is it possible that there are people that don’t live on Pinterest? Do these people know about the Internet? Do they use electricity?

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      *whispers* I deleted my FB account 3 years ago. I know right? I have a public blog but I don’t have a FB account. What?

  11. designtrolls
    designtrolls at · Reply

    Wow! Color me happy! This looks like great fun – I would easily turn back into my childhood persona (not very far from my up to date grown up persona) at the sight of this party. Great work – I must say I am impressed to say the least!

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      Color me happy! I am stealing that too…

      1. designtrolls
        designtrolls at · Reply

        Steal away! Words of wisdom

  12. divaliscious4life
    divaliscious4life at · Reply

    Finally I get this to work…I opened two accounts because the first time I signed up I mispelled my web address and then didn’t know how to change it but everytime i try to comment it goes to the old blog lol…so much drama geez. Love this DIvs! OMG L is so precious she’s so excited!!! I love this omg I am going to make a princess sparkle pink diva birthday with all these ideas…I just need to find a baby diva to do it for!!! Great job darling! xo

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      Diva, your birthday would put Mariah to shame. Or have her be very proud!

  13. erinisabel
    erinisabel at · Reply

    Amazing party! I love everything you did and you made it look so easy and doable!

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      Thank you so much! It’s not hard as much as it is time consuming. I am all about trying to find the most um, shortcut – no wait, time effective way of getting things done.

  14. diaryofamadcrafter
    diaryofamadcrafter at · Reply

    WOW!! Everything is soooo beautiful! I mean, everything! Love the ice cubes, what a great idea! And your fondant stars were beautiful (I know how annoying fondant is to work with! lol) and I loved all the pictures! The ones of your (adorable) daughter’s face seeing the backyard for the first time are so sweet 🙂

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      Fondant is another level of Dante’s Inferno. It’s no surprise that they turned out good to bad in the order of colour that I made them. By the time I got to Purple I was like what am I doing again?

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  16. thelivedinroom
    thelivedinroom at · Reply

    What an AWESOME party! you get mother/crafter/party planner award of the year! Little L will always remember this party. My Mom threw me a pig themed party when I turned 10 and put a lot of effort into it like you did with this party and I will always treasure it as a really special memory and reminder of how much she loves me. I am sure she will too!

  17. Charlie
    Charlie at · Reply

    Omg I love this rainbow Party idea I am going to try it

  18. Heather Lynne
    Heather Lynne at · Reply

    Hi Alex,
    Just checking out your blog as I found out we’re both Nikon moms this year, and oh my goodness, this post made me so happy! 🙂 You created a rainbow wonderland- what a fabulous memory you’ve made! Bravo- awesome job!! 🙂

  19. peady
    peady at · Reply

    This really is a wonderful party idea and all of your hard work obviously paid off.

    The Birthday Girl looks so happy! 😀

    So glad I came to read this post. You are very talented!

  20. Angela
    Angela at · Reply

    This is beautiful and fun! Love it!

  21. Maty
    Maty at · Reply

    My 4yrs Old want a unicorn rainbow party. I want to do just the rainbow part so I can copy everything on yours! It is amazing that way!
    Me quito el sombrero!

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