Rainbow Party - The Birthday Party

Rainbow Party – The Birthday Party

This seems fitting. Post #100.

The big Rainbow Birthday Party!

The day arrived and Mother Nature had a very good sense humour.

Not only did she forgo the rain – which I appreciated – but she decide to wallop our area with temperatures that had the local weather forecasters actually write out HOT over their weather charts on TV with little flames coming from them. It was supposed to be extremely humid with a high of 30.

In our South facing backyard felt like a high of 40. The cake and cupcakes and any meltable food was kept indoors until the last possible minute.

Little L – the Birthday Girl – had just arrived back from a week long trip at her Grandparents (my parents) place.

How else do you think I had time to do all this? There were no kids at home!

She hadn’t seen the backyard so I brought her down and made her close here eyes and then open them.

This was her reaction.

This is what she saw.

If you ever wonder why parents work so hard at preparing a party like this, just go look above the decoration shots at the expression on my child’s face.

You don’t do it for anything else but that.


You do it so you can have cake too.

No seriously, everyone – child or adult – should have at least one (ok more than one…) really kick ass birthday party in their life.

So the Birthday Girl went and got changed into her Rainbow Dash My Little Pony t-shirt. Remember the inspiration photo for this party? Old Navy released a t-shirt with the Rainbow Dash My Little Pony it the same month. I can’t even make the universe make that up if I tried.

And we set up the rest of the backyard.

When the wind gusts appeared – every 15 minutes or so – they were gusts of super hot warm humid air.

Not a cool breeze.

So that carefree wind you see causing the decorations and garland to blow elegantly into frame, was like a hot fire breathing dragon.

To your bottom left corner those napkins are from IKEA. They’re called the GUNGA series and the prints are a floral leaf in the colors of the rainbow.

The Rainbow Mason Jar “Sippy” Cups.

Rainbow Slice Cookies. Batch #2.

Rainbow Medley Veggie Tray.

The Rainbow Lollipop Tree Centrepiece.

Get an old Mason Jar, rainbow ribbon, some fallen down tree branches and hang a bunch of rainbow colored lollipops on it.

And when it gets way too windy, allow your smarter than you brother in law to fill the bottom with sand from the swing set sandbox to stop it from tipping over a millionth time.

Rainbow Froot Loops Treats.

Oh the Rainbow Fondant that I made to cut out the stars on top of the brownies (box mix ladies and gentleman, not from scratch).

Let me tell you, cutting out those fondant star shapes with cookie cutters was harder than making the Rainbow Cake.

The Red, Orange and Yellow turned out great. The rest. Oh man. I didn’t add enough icing sugar when I made them and they were almost impossible to cut out the star shapes when I unrolled it. I should have let it sit out to dry a bit to make the fondant more workable and then attempted to cut out the stars.

So RIP Fondant. It’s going to be awhile before I try to make you again.

Guests start arriving and craft making time begins followed by running around the yard, playing on the swing set, impromptu soccer and well, kids just being kids and having fun with their friends.

After crafts, pizza.

Yes those are IKEA plates from their kids department – the KALAS line (which they recently changed the shapes of, so if you have the old line and need more to compliment the old set, I suggest you go to the store – like yesterday).


The gust of hot dragon wind decided to arrive at this precise moment and I couldn’t light the candles to save my life. They kept blowing out!

We eventually got the #5 lit and sang Happy Birthday to that.

And the moment of truth…cutting the cake.

And the Rainbow Ice Cubes in their drinks.

The kids got to choose what colours they wanted.

This is what I could dig up through various zoomed in photos or go to the DIY links at the bottom of the page for the how to and way better photos of them.

And finally, the Pinata!

Biggest hits of the party:

1) Rainbow Ice Cubes – If you have any party, rainbow or not, make these to match your colour theme. I have never seen kids so excited and willing to line up for colored ice in my life.

2) The Rainbow bead stamped washer necklaces – A lot of people emailed me after telling me how much their kids loved their personalized necklaces. Even the boys (and I was worried about that because I know boys don’t tend to want to wear rainbow colours but they really liked them so I was relieved).

3) The Lollipop Tree – Honestly I could have probably set that out on its own with regular bags of chips and veggies and the kids would have gone nuts. It was like watching them visit Santa.

4) The Pinata. No I didn’t cry. It was fun as hell!

It’s funny because when we sent out the invites and told everyone it was a Rainbow Party, the most common question I got asked was “What’s a Rainbow party?”

It made me realize that if you don’t live in the world of Pinterest or read Decor/DIY/Home Blogs, an idea or theme or craft that may seem as if many people have done already, is in fact the opposite and a lot of new fans are just discovering its potential. Case in point, my 5 year old as this was her choice based on a photo she saw online.

So for all you parents out there that took the time to do this theme previously and shared your inspiring party ideas and creative how to’s, Thank You. You helped me create a creative and fun afternoon!

After the dust settled and everyone was gone, I took some photos of the bare backyard in the sunset because I knew the next morning I’d have to take it all down.

The Birthday Girl asked me if we could leave up the decorations until her birthday next year because she thought they made the backyard look so pretty.

I said that probably wasn’t such a bad idea.

Except that she asked if we could have a camping party next year. Listen, she decided last Halloween she wanted to be the Evil Queen from Snow White and it’s a year later and Evil Queen it still is.

So from Rainbows to Tents and Marshmallows and Lanterns, 11 months, 30 days to go…

If you’ll excuse me, I am rainbow-ed out and I have an overdue date with some thrift stores.

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