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  1. Kiran
    Kiran at · Reply

    Such a happy cake!

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      Thank you! 🙂

  2. ScrapAndSalvage
    ScrapAndSalvage at · Reply

    i almost didn’t read this post because i only saw the crap cake pic on my reader and i thought, shit! i can’t compliment her on that hideous mess! i’m glad i did, however, because the success cake looks amazing! i would have been exasperated by the end of making the first color. well, done for stickin’ it out! what a fun cake!

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      That first cake was beyond an epic fail. Someone is going to google Rainbow Cake and that will come up in an Image search and they’ll be like ok did the toddlers make that? I’m betting kids could have done a better job in an easy bake oven.

  3. Angry Julie Monday
    Angry Julie Monday at · Reply

    YAY! I’m glad that my (actual BFF’s) scratch coat and frozen layers idea helped!! A ton of people have had great success with it! Looks awesome!!!!

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      Woman, I can’t even tell you how much your Rainbow Cake post helped. It has become a pre-req for me to do this with icing layers. It should be made into a front page book cover called Icing for Dummies aka me.

  4. thatmidcenturyfella
    thatmidcenturyfella at · Reply

    Super fun! I wish I was that talented in the kitchen. 🙂

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      I am convinced you are the very first person on the face of the planet to call me talented in the kitchen. I have a pots and pans collection that would tell you otherwise! So I am taking the compliment and running with it.

  5. thebeeinmybonnet
    thebeeinmybonnet at · Reply

    I’m not a cake fan but I love how yours turned out. Its too beautiful, I probably won’t cut into it…OK I guess I will have to to reveal the nice colorful layers. Excellent baking Alex!

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      Ok for your birthday we’re going to have to make you fudge or ice cream!!

  6. Growing Up in the Garden
    Growing Up in the Garden at · Reply

    Looks amazing. Truly a masterpiece! I like that you didn’t decorate the outside. I too have discovered that cake mix is a parent’s friend. I took one look at doing a cake from scratch and went running for the box, LOL.

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      The last cake I did from scratch wound up tasting like really good pound cake but completely awful with icing on it. I love my boxed mixes.

  7. Danielle
    Danielle at · Reply

    My favorite part is the glass of wine. That is EXACTLY what has been missing from all of my baking adventures.

    All kidding aside, the cake looks amazing! Well done!

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      HAHAHAHA! 10 pm at night and I was like Please don’t make me go to the grocery store at 7 am for another can of icing.

  8. Jamie Lee
    Jamie Lee at · Reply

    Oh wow. You have the patience of a saint. I would’ve thrown in the towel long ago. That cake looks bloody fantastic!

    Please save this blog post and show it to your daughter when she is a moody teenager, and say, “Look what I did for you! Now clean your room!”

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      I read this when going to sleep on my phone and I swear I laughed so hard I nearly woke up the kids!

  9. cheryl
    cheryl at · Reply

    Ha hahahaaaaa!! That first picture had me rolling off the bed with tears in my eyes, gasping for breath and pee’ing my pants. Thank for that. I sometimes love my disasters more than the real thing… they certainly make for better stories later 😉

    1. Alex @ northofseven
      Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

      I swear the inside of the cake began to crumble like a volcano imploded onto itself. I watched it fall apart and said oh this deserves a photo. This cake in reality isn’t super hard but it is SO time consuming.

      1. cheryl
        cheryl at · Reply

        I admire anyone who bakes. I an cook up a storm, but honestly, even baking from a box stresses me out. I’m ever-so-slowly moving beyond my fear though… i do have four kids and it is nice to have some cookies every now and then. Now if I could only get over my intimidation in front of my sewing machine!

        1. Alex @ northofseven
          Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

          Where have you been all my life? We’re the same person. Do not get me started on sewing. That’s a blog post coming up this month. I am going to chronicle the first time I ever use one. I mean ever.

  10. diaryofamadcrafter
    diaryofamadcrafter at · Reply

    Beautifullll! I’m so trying this!! Love the icing technique, so smart!

    1. diaryofamadcrafter
      diaryofamadcrafter at · Reply

      Oh, and love that you put your before picture up haha

      1. Alex @ northofseven
        Alex @ northofseven at · Reply

        This is the blog you come to when you screw up a DIY or baking and go ok it’s not just me. I try.

        1. diaryofamadcrafter
          diaryofamadcrafter at · Reply

          Lol, but look how awesome the second one came out!! Picture perfect! Along with everything else, I might add.

  11. Melinda
    Melinda at · Reply

    Tried making this cake today, it came out great!!! It was only less than 4 hrs before I was all done too, so now I know I can make it thee day of my daughter’s party!! Thank you! Wish I could share a pic!

  12. Kim
    Kim at · Reply

    Great looking cake! I’m going to try this for my daughter’s birthday this weekend. I noticed the bottom two layers (purple and blue) don’t have any icing between them. How do they stay together?

  13. Kim
    Kim at · Reply

    Thank you! I’m making it tomorrow and Thursday!

  14. Kim
    Kim at · Reply

    I finished it today! Yay! It looks very similar to yours. If I can do it, anyone can! Thanks so much for posting your step-by-step instructions. Very easy to follow. One last question-can I leave it at room temperature until the party tomorrow or do I have to refrigerate it?

  15. Katie
    Katie at · Reply

    What a great idea to freeze icing layers!! Definitely going to try that one. I agree with you about the glass of wine, it’s always a help for me too:)

  16. Corey
    Corey at · Reply

    I think you may have made a mistake in saying what colors were cake and what colors were icing and the end of your instructions. You listed green twice and never mentioned purple. Awesome idea. May have to make my own daughters cake next yr.

  17. Dawn
    Dawn at · Reply

    I laughed forever when I saw your first attempt! Loved it and loved that you tried again
    Finished cake is awesome
    Thank you for the great idea!

  18. Stacey
    Stacey at · Reply

    I am making a cake like this for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party.. I intended on making all cake layers… I’m not sure I understand why you did frozen icing layers?

  19. Holly
    Holly at · Reply

    If someone served up a cake with icing as layers….. Sorry, no way would I eat that! I can’t believe how much extra work you created for yourself. This only makes sense if you are 12 years old. Your end product is so messy as well. Cannot believe there was a link to this under rainbow cake search.

    1. Lara
      Lara at · Reply

      Lots of cakes have buttercream/filling layers, and you can see it was messy due to there being birthday candles put in and taken out on the top… cannot believe that someone wasted energy typing out such a dumb comment.

  20. Chanel
    Chanel at · Reply

    I think this is brilliant! It looks amazing and I love frosting between the layers! I plan on covering mine in a rainbow sprinkles

  21. shirlgirl71
    shirlgirl71 at · Reply

    You can make a box cake taste much more homemade by using milk and butter in place of the water and oil called for in the box recipe 🙂

  22. cindy
    cindy at · Reply

    Oh, chuckle. I read your post AFTER I made my layers with egg whites fir one of my granddaughters. Wish me luck. It’s too late now.

  23. Lucia
    Lucia at · Reply

    Genial post! He sacado muchas ideas para el cumple de mi nena! Gracias!!!❤

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