Rustic DIY Thank You Cards

Rustic DIY Thank You Cards

This past month my husband and me went away together for a belated Anniversary trip. For the first time in over 5 years – yes 5 years, that’s not a typo – we got away overnight for two whole nights to Blue Mountain. My mom graciously offered to drive from my parents home (which is over a 3 hour commute) to watch the kids during that time. She wound up staying a week so we could get a whole bunch of overdue mini home fix up’s done as well. Believe me when I say a Thank You card is the least I could do for her.

Now knowing my mom, who is the type of mom to return Christmas presents I bought her as a teenager and then spend the money back on me, would ask me why on earth I would send her a Thank You card. She’d be the first to say “That’s too formal, what’s wrong with you?” Yes she’s that mom. She feels it’s her civic duty to help. So I figured I’ll make the card anyway and then get my daughter to write in a Thank You to her as a Grandma Thanks for staying with me card. That way it’s “not from me”.

Because I was testing out the baking soda dough recipe for Christmas ornaments that we’re making this year, I got an idea to make some to use for these Thank You cards.

Here’s what I did and what you’ll need to do this:

– Baking Soda

– Cornstarch

– water

– cardstock

– twine

– yarn (your colour choice)

– mini screwdriver set

– stamps

– dye ink

(UPDATED: For those interested in a Step by Step Tutorial on how to make the Baking Soda Dough ornaments, I finally wrote up a picture tutorial for them which you can find here.)

I tested out making some dough ornaments using various cookie cutters – my daughter found the Easter ones. I am sure Bunnies like Fall too. Don’t even ask. And then I tried out stamping and writing on them to see what worked and what didn’t.

I actually wound up using my TEKTON metal stamp set to do the small letters and regular alphabet stamp set for the bigger ornaments.

I let them air dry overnight and they were still a bit wet on the back the day after. If you do these I do recommend at least 2 days of drying time. You can bake them in the oven for an hour at various degrees depending on their thickness if you want them to dry faster. I didn’t do this because if I can burn my fries there’s a good chance I’d find a way to set these on fire so I just let them air dry overnight.

Make sure to stamp your holes when the dough is wet and not dry. I used a screwdriver from my mini screwdriver set.  Then when they are almost fully dry, twist the screwdriver into the hole again to ensure a flush clean hole in the ornament.

I laid my ornaments on the card and marked where I wanted them to be tied to the card with my threads.

Poked the holes.

I then cut out 2 pieces of yarn and twine in equal lengths for my bow tie.

The hole in the ornament was very small and in order to get two pieces of twine/yarn threaded through it, I taped the ends of the twine/yarn together and cut the end diagonally. This made it much easier to get the twine/yarn through the holes. I did this on both ends of the threads.

I then twisted the threads through the hole.

Note – Do not push them through because you may break your ornament and the cause the threads to push back making them impossible to thread through the hole.

Threaded the twine through the ornaments.

Repeated on the other side.





And then made several different versions because I couldn’t decide which one I liked the most.

These would make a great Christmas Card idea. Just make a dough ornament themed for the holidays, tie it to the card and then on the inside of the card add a small clear bag with ribbon or thread for the recipient to use to hang on their tree (just in case twine/yarn isn’t their thing). I like rustic but I have friends who make their Christmas trees look like a Swarovski Christmas Tree replica.

In this day and age where we get evites and text messages 24/7, sometimes it’s nice to turn back the clock to a more tactile time. And what better way to say Thank You than a hand made card to show your gratitude for those that took the time to help you.