Scary Rabbit, Tricks are for Treaters

Scary Rabbit, Tricks are for Treaters

This year for Halloween, I am doing a bit of a gothic Alice in Wonderland theme for my front porch decor. My older daughter is going as the Queen of Hearts and my younger daughter was supposed to be Alice but apparently when you take a then 2 year old shopping for costumes, there is no chance of you prying the pink polka dot Minnie Mouse dress out of the death grip of her tiny hands. Just for the record, for two kids who really didn’t like going to Disney World, they sure love their Disney characters and movies an awful lot.

But getting back to the porch decor here’s what you can do to easily creep out yours if you so choose.

Take one innocent unsuspecting thrift store bunny rabbit figurine.

garden rabbit before

Get a can of white spray paint and coat him.

Take a foam Christmas glitter craft ball, cut it in half and glue it over the eyes.

Ta-da…Scary Halloween Rabbit Decoration.

Scary Rabbit

Halloween bunny decoration

scary rabbit halloween

Follow the white rabbit Trick or Treaters.

Seriously there is no way I’d put this guy on my bed side table. By nightfall under candle light, he’s just all kinds of  horror movie inducing wrong.

And if you think is bad, wait til you see the gothic Alice doll I found. She was standing up staring at me this evening from the back of the garage as I went to take out the garbage. Dolls. Seriously. Scariest things ever.

PS – if you still don’t think rabbits are scary, go Google “Scary Rabbit” and get back to me. I’m still trying to forget Donnie Darko one.

Scary Halloween Rabbit