5 Minute DIY Hair Clips (and a headband in 10)

5 Minute DIY Hair Clips (and a headband in 10)

I affectionately call the month of June “I know what your parents did last Fall” because of the epidemic of June Birthdays that happen. There was a week where there were 4 people to celebrate. It is insanity. July isn’t looking any calmer either. I’m one to talk considering my older daughter’s birthday is at the end of August.

Because of this it’s constant gift wrapping so I have been in heaven because I love gift wrapping. Kraft paper and me are BFF’s.

I’ve started posting most of that on my Instagram account – come hang out because that’s where I’ll probably be doing a lot of thrift store sightings versus going over hundreds of photos for a single blog entry (which believe me when I let it build up takes forever to log and post about so this is way easier and much more fun).

Back to the summer birthdays, there’s another party this week and that’s where this whole craft debacle started. We got a Barbie gift set as a present because apparently my daughter didn’t think my idea of getting her friend a pair of cool PJ’s was well, cool at all. I think like a practical parent for gifts because I know what it’s like to get masses of toys that take over your home, so I try to get things kids need vs want. However in the eyes of my 5 year old it’s not very exciting to watch her friends open up her gift and her not be able to be all excited in seeing the toy she picked out again vs “OH MY GOD IT’S A….set of pyjamas”.

But because she’ll probably get about 10 more Barbies to match ours, I thought let’s make something a little personal to match the gift. Her friend is a pink loving girl and anything that involves cute pink things. And because little girls love their accessories, I decided to make a half birthday card/half present with some hair accessories.

Now I’m a busy mom.

I know that when I look at blogs and Pinterest I often think “I want to do that but I just do not have the time”. Trust me this happens even when you have a blog that you show your craft projects on. Especially with baking. You cake decorating people are God in my eyes because I can’t ice a cookie to save my life.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I don’t mind spending hours on a project but other times where I literally think how can we do this and not sit all day in the kitchen. This was one of those times because I am currently packing to go away on vacation for the first time in 7 years without the kids.

Yeah. Seven years. Bring on New Orleans!!

These hair clips will take you 5 minutes. 5 minutes people. Not even kidding.

What you’ll need:

– 5/8″ (1.6 cm) wide grosgrain ribbon

– wooden craft shapes of your choice (I got mine at Dollarama)

– glue gun

– hair clips

– scissors

If you’re Canadian and reading this, Dollarama right now is filled with wood craft shapes in almost every store. If you’re outside of Canada, head over to Michael’s or all your awesome craft stores that we do not have access to in Canada.

We do not have a Hobby Lobby or a Joann’s – yes cry with me.

wood crafts dollarama

hair clips supplies

Start by getting some ribbon and clipping it in a hair clip. Wrap the ribbon around the hair clip to ensure you have enough length to go over it all, then cut it.

making hair accessories (2)

Take your glue gun and glue your ribbon over the top (outer) part of the clip as well as the part to the right of the clip you see in the photo above you. Press the two sides of ribbon together to ensure they’re stuck together.

You can use other glue but the glue is what helps this be a 5 minute project.

making hair accessories (3)

The next step is very important.

Glue the wooden craft shape to the hair clip while it’s open so that you know you can open and close the clip. If you glue it while it’s closed you risk cracking your wooden shapes if you put them too close to the center.

making hair accessories (4)

making hair accessories (5)

Then I made a matching headband. This one took about 10 minutes.

making hair accessories (7)

making hair accessories (8)

making hair accessories (9)

making hair accessories (10)

Added an extra piece of ribbon to hold it together.

making hair accessories

And it all wound up like this.

DIY hair clips

hair clip DIY

DIY hair clips girls

But the best part is instead of a regular birthday card, you can make this kind of birthday card.

I swear it was just an excuse to use these mini stamp sets I picked up at Michael’s this weekend for .66 cents each!!!

mini stamp sets

DIY hair clips

hair clips DIY

DIY hair clips birthday card

FYI – Stamping with white ink on kraft paper is a bit trickier than black ink. Let it dry before you even go near it or it will smudge. A lot.

If it does, just get a pencil eraser and erase the ink off the spots you don’t want the ink on.

DIY headband

DIY headband + hairclips

It’s rather ironic because I do not wear jewelry or hair accessories.

My idea of changing up my look is changing the pendant on my silver necklace for an occasion. Other than that, it’s my wedding ring and 2 diamond stud earrings that my husband gave me as an anniversary present with the occasional bracelet. As for hair accessories? Right. That’s like saying one day I will wear something with ruffles or patterns on it. It’s not going to happen.

But I love making this stuff so anytime I get an excuse to do it, I’ll do it. I warn you, if you do this once, it’s addicting. I have a bag of felt is yelling at me right now to be made into flowers.

Oh, if you like funny stories of craft fails, it took me 3 hours to write up this post, take and edit all of the photos. Only after I had it all done and scheduled to publish did I realize that on one of the cards I had misspelled the word “Birthday” and it read “Birtday”. It’s not like I had been staring at the photos for hours or anything. I had to retake, re-edit and repost over half the photos.

5 minute craft, 4 hour blog write up.

Am I on my vacation yet?