Twig Wreath with Felt Leaves

Twig Wreath with Felt Leaves

Next Monday myself and quite a few bloggers have a real treat for you. I can’t tell you too much just yet but if you follow the hashtag #MerryMag on social media you’ll get a ton of great sneak peeks at what’s in the works. And here is one of my contributions which I made now that felt crafting season has begun.

I love my felt crafts. I would do more in the summer but let’s face it, felt conjures up images of cozy everything and anything that can get you through the hell that is our winter that never ends up here is good for me.

The best part about this wreath is that it requires very little materials to create.

What you’ll need:

– larger than normal “twigs” or fallen branches
– felt
– scissors
– glue gun
– a small pair of garden clippers or strong scissors
– string or twine

First things first, go gather a ton of fallen branches. Try to gather ones that are not too brittle (read: easily snapped when you bend them). I should have added a vacuum to the list of things you’ll need because this is a very messy project.

twig branches

Cut off your twigs from your branches and then using string or twine, tie the twigs together to form a circle. By the way, there is a huge debate on the internet about what the definition of an actual twig is. Some people will disagree with me that this is a twig wreath and should be called a branch wreath or a wooden wreath.

You get the basic idea though. Using branches or twigs to make a wreath form.

Tying twig branches - northstory

Twig wreath shape before decorating - northstory

The most important thing when tying the twigs into a circle form is to make sure that all the parts where you tie them together, are relatively the same size.

So don’t pick a twig with a stem that has a larger diameter than another or else it will weigh down one side of wreath and look off. You want to create a uniform look.

Then get some felt and cut up some leaf shapes.

felt in Fall and Winter tones

Cut out felt leaves - northstory

Then using a glue gun, glue your felt leaves to your wreath form where you’d like.

DIY Twig Wreath with Felt Leaves by northstory

How to make a twig wreath with felt leaves - northstory

Felt leaves on a twig wreath - northstory

Twig Wreath with Felt Leaves - northstory

I went with some warm fall tones mixed in with winter ones, but was very tempted to go make a traditional green one with burgundy leaves. It’s quite a simple wreath but it makes a big impact.

DIY - Twig Wreath with Felt Leaves - northstory