Twine Christmas Garland

Twine Christmas Garland


Before you look at this and go did you seriously glue hundreds of 5 – 8 mm styrofoam balls onto twine, I swear I would not be sharing this with you if it A) didn’t look really great on the tree and B) if I told you it will only take about 10 minutes of your time. I’m serious. 10 minutes. 15 max if you have distractions and I have kids that cling to me when they’re bored like static electricity does to hair on a bad day in winter.

This was inspired by the twine I did around the Wooden Dowel Christmas Tree craft.

What you’ll need:

– twine

– styrofoam balls

– white craft glue

– plate

The first time around we did it like this – what I now call the it takes much longer but distracts your kids very well method.

I measured out approx 15 feet worth of twine. Folded it in half. Got some glue and put a bunch on plate.

Glue meet styrofoam ball.

Styrofoam ball meet twine.

Let me assure you, they stick on super easily. As in the moment the balls get on the twine, they’re on the twine. You can move the twine as you need to and they’re not going to fall off.

I am sure there is a really great scientific reason for this involving how much static electricity comes out of that package when I opened it. I am not a scientist so if you know, please enlighten me. All I know is it makes this project really easy.

See, it builds fine motor skills too. Let’s you have some Bailey’s coffee.

Then after the first one was done I thought Ok that took a little long.

So this next way is the 10 minute method, which is way faster – even if you have to wipe down your table after.

Take glue and put it directly on the twine instead of the plate. Put balls on twine.

Can we get a collective round of silent applause for that idea that I should have done to begin with.

Let dry. Hang it off your curtain railing or lay it flat. And it will wind up like this.






I used it on our Christmas tree on the front porch (I was going to use the Halloween tree to decorate but that’s another blog post of what we wound up doing with it instead).

The Christmas tree is 4 feet tall and I made two strands of 15 foot garland to cover it all.

Did I mention that the total cost of this garland was $3? $1 per item.

Music to my ears and hopefully yours!