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  1. Susan
    Susan at · Reply

    That looks fantastic.

  2. dawn
    dawn at · Reply

    That is so adorable! Who knew you could make planters from embroidery hoops. Love your blog

  3. Christina
    Christina at · Reply

    So gorgeous. Can you just make me some? I’m all DIYed out right now…

    Seriously, it looks like something from Crate and Barrel that we would pay a lot of money for.

  4. Michelle @ Eamonn & Jack
    Michelle @ Eamonn & Jack at · Reply

    Wow! I love these. I truly love how your brain works – never in a million years would I ever have thought of doing this.
    If the cute little plants don’t last you could always use airplants or maybe cacti?

  5. Vanessa
    Vanessa at · Reply

    in LOVE with this!

  6. Jennifer @ Brave New Home
    Jennifer @ Brave New Home at · Reply

    Wow, this is amazing! I had to immediately read the whole post cause I thought there was no way this was a DIY. Great idea, Alex!

  7. Midsommarflicka aka. Elena
    Midsommarflicka aka. Elena at · Reply

    This looks so cool! I love the look on the sides, the hoops next to each other.
    And I defnitely have to go to your thrift stores and buy embroidery hoops. Here are never any! And they are so ridiculous expensive new!

  8. Rachel | The Crafted Life
    Rachel | The Crafted Life at · Reply

    Brilliant Alex! I love it!

  9. Megan
    Megan at · Reply

    This is one of the most stylish planters I have ever seen. I will definitely be making one of these. I might use my broken old bamboo steamer instead of the hoops. Thanks for the great idea. Megan. Upstyler.net

  10. {aka} | design
    {aka} | design at · Reply

    That planter looks so cool!!!!

  11. Virginia Fynes
    Virginia Fynes at · Reply

    This looks super cool Alex! Awesome makeover!!

  12. thelearnerobserver
    thelearnerobserver at · Reply

    I love this, and I have about… 8 embroidery hoops laying around so I should really do something with them! Pretty sure I’m going to skip Pinterest and just do a search on your blog!

  13. Renee
    Renee at · Reply

    This looks great! Amazing idea.

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  16. Anu
    Anu at · Reply

    This is so lovely Alex!

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