Upcycled Planter

Upcycled Planter

I never started this blog with the intention of doing so many upcycled projects and home decor from recycled materials. Truthfully I started it because I wanted to document our home renovation. The upcycling thing started almost by accident.

The first reason was that my older daughter loves to do crafts and craft supplies can be ridiculously expensive. So I started trying to find way to use items that we would normally put in the recycling bin to re-use for craft time just as a way to save money. Think jars, juice can lids, toilet paper rolls and so on. The second reason is I visit a lot of thrift stores and would always come across things that I thought “If it just had this, it wouldn’t be here.” or “How nice would that look cleaned up.” Over time it morphed into a creative passion of “What can I turn this into?”

Though if you’re new here, I don’t do a lot of furniture Before and After’s. My husband and I have done exactly two – this office desk and the kids room desk – since this site started, mainly because we have a small home and I have no place to put any of it. I’ve already taken over the garage and our car hates me for that as is. It’s more creative projects and smaller home decor. Like things out of embroidery hoops.

I have so embroidery hoops. So many.

Let me make this clear, I do not know how to embroider anything. But there was a point where every time I went to a thrift store, I would find a batch. They make excellent wreath forms and craft project supplies, so I always wind up buying them.

Last year I made a planter out of one. In which case I thought it was high time to try a new take on it and after I came across these decorative round mirrors at the thrift store, I instantly knew what I wanted to do.

Round Plastic thrift store mirror

I took out the mirror part and then spray painted the round mirror forms with Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover paint in white.

I have no idea where these mirrors are from but if you search for “Decorative Wall Circles” you will find tons of these forms online.

Round mirror frame with mirror removed

Then I went to my supply of embroidery hoops and used ONLY the inside hoop of the embroidery hoops (the one without the attachment on the exterior of it).

We used sawed down pieces of a paint stir stick to glue all 4 hoops together. We first tried gluing it with wood glue and carpenters glue but it was just not drying fast enough.

In which case I went to old faithful and that’s my favourite E6000 glue. Then it was like a work of art with the clamps to ensure they all dried in place.

Gluing together embroidery hoops using clamps - northstory.ca

Embroidery hoops being glued together - northstory.ca

Afterwards I glued the now glued 4 embroidery hoops to the painted mirror frames. Also with  E6000 glue. I stuck a book on it all to weigh it down and left it overnight to dry.

Then there was the issue of the plants. I did not want to plant the plants directly onto the wood hoops, because if I had to water them the wood would surely rot. I wanted to be able to remove the plants from the planter and water them separately.

Enter yogurt containers.

Yogurt containers turned makeshift plant pots for planter - northstory.ca

If there is one thing I am sure of is that the plants will outgrow those containers and/or I will surely forget to water them and they will die. I foresee fake plants in this planter in my future.

But for the time being it looks good.

DIY Upcycled Planter - northstory.ca

Front view of upcycled hoop planter - northstory.ca

Side view of upcycled planter - northstory.ca

Side view of white and wood upcycled planter - northstory.ca

Yogurt containers inside planter - northstory.ca

Use a piece of wood to hold the embroidery hoops together - northstory.ca

White and wood planter - northstory.ca

Here’s the funny thing.

While I used fishing wire to show this planter hanging as I had originally intended for it to be a hanging planter and was supposed to screw in an eye screw at the top of the hoops as a hanging bit, but at some point I changed my mind. Mainly because I couldn’t find my stud finder and put a hook into the ceiling properly.

So for the time being it’s made a new home on my bookshelf in our home office.

Upcycled round planter - northstory.ca

That bunny next to it…that bunny is a long story. I think bunnies and rabbits are scary little things. Yet there’s a reason I keep it on the shelf. I’ll get into that in a future post.

For anyone that’s curious both the embroidery hoops and frames are 12″ in diameter.

And this project (because I already owned the glue and left over paint sticks) cost me around $5. $10 if add the plants.

So next time you come across some old embroidery hoops for .25 cents at a garage sale or a thrift store, just buy them. Because you never know what you can turn them into it.

Upcycled Planter by northstory.ca

Upcycled Planter - northstory