Valentine's Day Card Craft for Kids

Valentine’s Day Card Craft for Kids

I had a lot of great feedback on the Christmas card craft post for kids that I shared back in December, so I thought why not make another Aluminum Foil collage craft for Valentine’s Day. My younger daughter never got a chance to do the Christmas ones (something about her not yet being born at the time) so I thought now was a good a time as ever.

This is a messy craft but it is suitable for kids of all ages which is a huge bonus when you’ve got kids of all ages to entertain and the results look like a fancy schmancy adult card that you think an artist spent hours on finessing a paper mache technique with.

And the best part is the base starts with something I am sure you have in your kitchen drawers.

What you’ll need:

– Aluminum Foil
– Tissue paper in red, pink, white, fuschia or your choice
– Glitter, washi tape or any embellishments that you can cut through easily
– School / kraft glue
– pencil
– scissors
– heart shape cookie cutter or heart stencil

First thing you do is  cut out a whole bunch of random squares of tissue paper.

Kids Valentine Craft Step 1 -

Then you rip out a giant strip (or strips of foil depending on how many kids are doing the craft) and get your kids to drip school glue all over it in a swirly type of pattern.

After have them start decorating the foil. Have them place tissue paper all over every inch of it randomly.

Kids Valentine Craft Step 2 - northstory (2)

Kids Valentine Craft Step 3 -

After the collage is covered add more glue randomly all over it. Then add washi tape, sprinkle glitter and any other embellishments of your choice.

Please note that if you do this DO NOT cover it with sequins or any hard to cut materials on top of the foil as you will be cutting shapes out of collages.

Kids Valentine Craft Step 4 -

Kids Valentine Craft Step 5 -

Shake off excess glitter and let the collage dry. We did this overnight just to be safe.

Flip the collage over to the other side and using a stencil (or in our case cookie cutters) trace the heart shape out. I made the mistake of doing the first couple with markers.

Kids Valentine Craft Step 6 -


Why? Because they smudge. And you will get ink all over your hands. Use a pen or a pencil just to lightly imprint the shape onto the foil.

Then have your kids or you help them cut out their heart shapes.

Kids Valentine Craft Step 7 -

Then glue the hearts to cardstock and suddenly your kids will have turned this…

Aluminum Foil Collage for Valentine's -

Into this!

Kids Valentine's Card Craft -

Valentine's Card Craft Kids -

DIY Valentine's Card Craft for Kids -

Valentine's Card Crafts for Kids in mini cards -

Valentine's Card Craft Aluminum Foil Collage -

Aluminum foil.

Tissue Paper.

And glitter.

Who knew?

Valentine's Day Card Craft for Kids -