Wood Veneer Ornaments

Wood Veneer Ornaments

Several months ago I made a wood veneer pendant lampshade and I was really happy with how it turned out. So why haven’t I shown it here yet?

Because it’s been sitting in our future home office/disaster of a craft room instead of being hung up in all its glory because apparently I am indecisive and changed my mind about ten times on where I wanted to hang it.

Having had a post written on that lampshade would have made this post easier to write given that these ornaments were inspired by the lampshade –  that again you have not yet seen – and due to the fact that I have a giant (and I mean giant) spool of wood veneer leftover from that project that I need to use up.

So I made these ornaments for Christmas.

What you’ll need to do this:

– Pine Wood Veneer Edging (you can buy this at any major home improvement store – I got this particular spool at Home Depot from a brand called Bennett)
E6000 Adhesive Glue
– twine or hanging thread of your choice
– scissors
– hole punch
– ruler
– clamps or binder clips

Step 1

Cut out six, 10.5″ (26.5 cm) strips of wood veneer and punch a hole on both ends of each strip.

making wood veneer ornaments process  (2)

Step 2

Form a circle with the ends of your strips and use the permanent glue to glue them together. Then use your clamps or binder clips to hold them in place while they dry.

You can try and do this with all 3 strips at once but you chance the glue seeping through thus sticking your strip layers together and then being unable to move your strips into the exact position after they are dry.

The first time I tried doing this I used my glue gun. I never learn. Bad idea. The glue did not hold at all and by the next day the strips had popped apart. You need a strong, permanent adhesive for this and E6000 is by far my favourite permanent glue.

making wood veneer ornaments process  (3)Step 3

Tie a knot and thread your ornaments with your choice of thread. I used twine because I wanted a bit of a rustic look.

making wood veneer ornaments process

Step 4

Marvel at your inexpensive yet expensive looking wood veneer orb ornament.

I used Pine Veneer because Pine gives a really nice warm glow against your classic Christmas lights.

Wood Veneer Ornament

Wood Veneer Ornaments

wood veneer strip ornament

Wood Christmas Ornaments

Now go decorate your tree.

It is up already isn’t it?

Just me?

Damnit. I mean Darnit…Santa.

DIY Wood Veener Christmas Ornaments