The expensive reality check, otherwise known as your bathroom renovation

If you want your kids to go to college, do not renovate your bathroom. I’m serious. I thought kitchens were expensive to renovate, until we got the reality check that they have nothing and I mean nothing on the cost of bathroom renovations. So let me tell you a story, of how we are now embarking on the bank account draining renovation of our en-suite (master) bathroom. The expensive reality check, otherwise known as your bathroom renovation Get comfy, I write…

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A review of our Logan & Cove mattress and why you should get one

Our new bed frame has been sitting on our dining room floor since last November. Why? Because we haven’t been able to agree on a mattress for it. That is, until we found out about Logan & Cove. A review of our Logan & Cove mattress and why you should get one After testing out many mattresses in various stores, debating over cost vs quality vs comfort, we were growing really weary of everything out there. Mattresses that said they…

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Why you need a Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Cord Free vacuum in your life #DysonV10

Lean in really close for a confession. I hate vacuuming. No really. I avoid vacuuming like I avoid dusting. They’re are two of my least favourite chores, for numerous reasons including watching the dust fly everywhere and having to drag a heavy hose and canister behind me. Vacuuming stairs should have its own special hour of chore hell. So when Dyson asked if we were interested in reviewing their new Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Cord Free vacuum, my husband’s reaction was…

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Ontario Wood Highlights at the Interior Design Show

Ontario Wood is an initiative that helps consumers identify and purchase products made locally from the provinces wood. The increasing recognition of wood’s benefits (which include its cost-effectiveness, design flexibility and reduced environmental impact) is helping to create more demand for wood products, which in turn supports local economies. As part of my partnership with Ontario Wood, I was recently invited to visit their display at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. Every year Ontario Wood selects a team to…

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Christmas Morning Smoothie & a Breakfast Hop!

I warned you. The Breville Boss arrived in our home and here I am thinking I am Martha Stewart. Though I strongly suspect Martha would be making avant-garde smoothies with home grown kale and mystical chia seeds from some plant she propagated on her own that I’ve never heard of. So you get my recipe – a 3 ingredient smoothie for all the time you do not have on Christmas morning, while asking your kids to non-chalantly pose in front…

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A Review of the Breville Boss Blender – highlighting its best features!

This post is dedicated to our older daughter, otherwise known as the smoothie Queen and why we wound up getting the Breville Boss Blender for our home. Every single day, she would pull out our food processor and make – rather try to make – a fruit smoothie after school. It wasn’t bad at first but then it got old really fast, as lot of the smoothies she likes to drink and attempts at home made Frappuccino’s, ended in spectacular…

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DIY Christmas Cards and a Christmas Craft Blog Hop!

I say this every year but I think this may be the last year I make Christmas cards. Not because I don’t like making them but because there are so many great designs out there right now that *I* want to buy. What a great pitch this is for a post where I am about to write about how you can make your own (I’d blame the spiked eggnog but I haven’t reached that far into the Christmas season as…

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DIY – Twig Wreath

I need another wreath in this house like my husband needs another Christmas tree. We have four Christmas trees, including the new 9 foot one in our living room. Nine feet. What? I mean who does that? Oh wait, my husband. But of course when you get an idea in your head in the late summer when you’re pruning dogwood bushes and think to yourself “These would make a great wreath form”, you make it anyway. Here’s what I did…

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