Are you ready? It’s the #DadsWhoPlayBarbie Challenge (BIG Contest news!)

Barbie has a long history in both my life and the lives of our daughters. I still remember being 9 years old and getting the Barbie Corvette for Christmas (the shiny version that every girl wanted that year) and I may or may not have been so excited to get that present because I may or may not have unwrapped the present and re-wrapped it before Christmas Day knowing I was getting it. Shhhh…Santa can hear everything.

Now as a little girl I loved cars (hence the Corvette) and Barbie has certainly taken things up a notch for our daughters generation with their ground breaking You Can Be Anything campaign. Our girls are growing up in a time where Barbie is something that you can play dress up and have a tea party with one day and save the world the next day. She’s a doctor, a veterinarian, a ballet dancer, a scientist, a game developer and my personal favourite of the past year, a firefighter.

I was so excited when I found this Barbie that I still have a photo of it from store where I sent it to my Sister in Law.

You see, Firefighter Barbie is very significant to our family because this past year my Brother in Law became a firefighter. We all went to his graduation ceremony where our daughters and our nieces all got to witness their Uncle Paul/Dad fulfill a life long dream and we were all very proud of him. I wanted to get our nieces something significant to remember their Dad’s big day by and when I came across Firefighter Barbie I thought it was the perfect memento. But I would soon realize just how significant that Barbie was in the context of my brother in law’s graduation.

You see the top graduates in his firefighting class for the first time ever, were women.

So our nieces and our daughters got to witness a very big moment for what has been a traditionally male dominated career. My sister in law, their mom, who is very passionate and successful in her career and a great role model to them all, has always tried to instill in them that they too can achieve whatever they want to professionally if they work hard enough. And now with this moment, it was that extra push they could look at both of their parents and follow in either of their footsteps.

From what I’ve heard, one Firefighter Barbie has her own shelf and special spot in their house for our older niece.

The other Firefighter Barbie belonging to our younger niece is most likely living a Toy Story dream and hanging out by the swimming pool edge being snorkeling instructor Barbie or pretending to fight fires with her and her Dad (who for the record knows how to play Barbie like a pro). Or possibly wearing a tutu on top of the firefighter uniform. I mean Barbie, not Dad. Or is it Barbie…

Needless to say given how significant Barbie is in our lives, I am really excited to be announcing this news.


We are calling all Dads & Daughters to participate in the #DadsWhoPlayBarbie Challenge for the opportunity to Win $25,000 to invest in your child’s future and a trip to Mattel Headquarters in Los Angeles where your child can be a Barbie designer for a day!

Want to hear all about it? Watch this great video that will bring you up to speed.


We are asking teams of Dads & Daughters to submit their short homemade videos of themselves showing how they play together. Mom’s, Aunt’s, Grandma’s you can help by getting behind the camera and also taking part in this special dad and daughter time!

Use the following categories of play as inspiration for your video:

  • Careers
  • Cooking
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Make-believe 
  • Or feel free to let your imaginations run wild and share what you do during play time together

The Top 4 Finalists will have their videos will be posted to the Barbie YouTube Page and Barbie fans everywhere can vote on their favorites! 


  • Top 40 First Prize Video Winners will each receive a Barbie doll and $250!
  • Top 4 Finalists (out of 40 First Prize Video Winners) will also receive a Barbie Dreamhouse!
  • And 1 Grand Prize Winner (out of 40 First Prize Video Winners) will receive $25,000 to invest in your child’s future and a trip to Mattel headquarters in Los Angeles where your child can be a Barbie designer!


  • You must be a resident of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada (excluding Quebec), Australia, Mexico, Germany, or France to be eligible for this contest. You also may submit your Video in English, Spanish, German, or French!
  • Your video should not exceed two (2) minutes in length.
  • You may not include any third party music in your video, other than spoken words or your own original works.
  • You may not include brands other than Mattel brands in your video.
  • You may not include any third-party trademarked or copyrighted materials.
  • You’re welcome to include any kind of Barbie doll or Barbie accessory in your Video, but nothing is specifically required.


  • Record your Video using a smartphone, tablet, or other kind of camera that records video.
  • Parents must read through and agree to the “Official Rules”.
  • Submit your Video on

Good Luck to all those that Enter and I hope Barbie inspires you the way she has inspired us!

Disclaimer: This post has been brought to you in collaboration with Mattel and Barbie. As always, opinions are my own. 

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