DIY Dead Bride Halloween Costume for Kids

This Halloween costume was not supposed to be this Halloween costume.

That is, my older daughter originally was supposed to go as a sort of Mardi Gras meets Sugar Skull meets Skelita from Monster High. This was easily influenced by our love of New Orleans. I’ve got many trip recaps from our time there and I totally want to be that Grandma walking around with a hurricane and beads down there when we retire.

But unlike my younger daughter would let me zombify her face with Halloween makeup and love every second, she didn’t want to wear a mask. And then she didn’t want the complicated makeup. So we pared it down to these three stunning looks – One, Two, Three ¬†– but even after all that, she didn’t want the mouth makeup part as well.

At some point I had to tell her, you know, it’s ok to not want to be a scary person on Halloween. If you want to be a Princess or a Fairy or some more glamorous, that’s what Halloween should be about. You choosing a costume that you enjoy. But she still insisted that she wanted something scary but not too scary.

So we sort of came up with a mix of Dead Haunted Halloween Bride with a modern twist. Hey, if Gwen Stefani can have that incredible pink wedding dress, you can have a black and pink Halloween bride dress.

And it is a super easy, uncomplicated costume that you can make from almost anything around your house.

Step 1) Get a fancy dress – any dress you have in any colour that you want. Thrift stores are full of them this time of year. We used our old Joe Fresh one. Find some accessories. Sparkly shoes. Lace gloves. Whatever you enjoy!

Step 2) Get a tutu – because tulle! And have fun with the colour as there are hundreds of tutu’s in every shade. That one is from Value Village.

Step 3) Make a super quick easy veil by using a plain headband, a dollar store Halloween table runner, black and pink Halloween roses and a glue gun. Attach both to your headband with the glue gun and presto, you have a Halloween veil for under $5.

4) Ask your child to look sullen and scary when you take her photos. And then she gets the giggles.


Ok now back to scary and sullen.





And then have your Darth Vader obsessed little sister crash your pictures.

Hey! One tutu, two different costumes.


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    Vanessa Gillespie
    October 19, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    They are both adorable!!! My daughter was a dead bride about 7 years ago. We actually got a wedding dress from the goodwill and ruined it. A little grey makeup and she was good to go! That was the start of her more interesting costumes.

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